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  1. Zalaz86

    What is your name?

    Your focus (PvE or PvP)
    75% PvP
    25% PvE

    Why are you interested in joining this guild?
    Many of my friends have recently joined your ranks. The fact that Ventrilo is a requirement also lured me in as communication can make or break a guild.

    Do you have any past experience with Xen of Onslaught?
    I do not.

    How old are you?
    23 years old.

    Have any past experiences with an MMORPG? If so please give us the details.
    2001-2004: Dark Age of Camelot - Level 50 Celt Bard - Merlin Hibernia
    2004-2008: World of Warcraft - Level 80 NE Rogue - Illidan

    What is your in game name for Chronicles?

    What is your character class?

    Are you willing to help those members of the house and fellow guild members whenever you can?
    Yes. Whenever I can, I will.

    What interests you most about The Chronicles of Spellborn?
    The fact that it's a pure skill based MMORPG. The art direction had me from the start as well.
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    sorry the division doesn't appear to be active.

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