XoO is creating a video for Chronicles of Elyria

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    We plan on creating a recruitment video. One that will showcase us for CoE. It will be heavy story driven since the script is focusing on CoE and our impact there. The script will either be voiced by Ani or someone else that Ani approves. I included the script below. We are willing to purchase professional work depending on the quality and price. Please contact myself and Ani for more information.

    We will be contracting with @BenitoraTRT who is a professional musical artist. Ani and I will be paying for it to be professionally done and we will be getting our original music.

    The music will be similar to FFX's Cloister of Trials, which I attached below. Any and all help for ideas and video creation would be greatly appreciated. We may consider even hiring a professional if people aren't willing or able to do it for free.

    As you can see we are pretty serious about CoE, and I hope this is something we do with all the games we want to be competitive in.

    "I have been shown the truth of our destiny. There will be many groups of deviants, assassins, warmongers, and blood thirsty people in Elyria. Although our goal at first was to combat this with force, it was in fact foolhardy and wrong. Our deity's scream out for order and peace, but their voice is being drowned out by those who only work to quicken the awakening. It is because of this that I, The Untainted Eye, chosen by (insert deity we choose to follow) will lay down the foundation for the Cloister of Xen. I will be our deity's voice in Elyria, assuring the divine will resounds with every act my order carries out. Each duchy will be overseen by a Holy Paramount, who will assist in assuring each county will be cared for by a truly Pious Divine Overseer. The Divine Overseer will work tirelessly in their county to make sure each settlement no matter how small is being cared for by our deity's confessors. The Confessors sole duty is to heal the wounded/sick, pray for those who have been thrust from their mortal bodies so their soul may find their way back to our realm from the astral planes, and to spread the knowledge of our deity's love. We have not forgotten our militant past, however. We understand that there will always be those who are so drawn to bring upon the Awakening, that not even our deity's pure love will reach them. For that reason we will have the High Shield of the Order of the Robin, who will answer directly to the Untainted eye. Their purpose is to assure that the Holy Templars of the Order of the Robin will be ready to stamp out any threat to our world, and our kingdom. They will march on ordained holy wars and will defend our kingdom's lands with pious zeal. Our deity's eyes can see all and so must we. Not all legions wear sword and shield, most hide in the shadows and spin their dark webs. Because of this even the most devout Templar will fail in finding these ill minded people. For this we have the High Shadow of the Order of the Raven, who will assure that every part of our kingdom will have eyes in the form of an Inquisitor. Laws must always be followed and we would never condone acts of murder. However, if our deity should see a lone heretic... would she wait for their intentions to be known for her to strike" - The Untainted Eye -
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