Xen of Onslaught keeps on rolling..

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    Tonight a group of Warhammer Online membership gathered together to storm the lairs of two of the games earlier PvE encounters, Kamilla the Decayed and The Bandit Queen. Both Lairs can only be opened through fulfilling special conditions such as the slaughter of a member of the opposing faction whilst being surrounded by a special aura, etc.


    We took down both lair bosses handily with minimal casualties in the whole run, only suffering two deaths due to Kamilla's Lifetap.


    Our loot included one rank 11 sorcerer crown won by Sorceress, and a Darkstaff and Chalice won by Taiwai for a rank 39 character. We'll be looking to try to make stuff like this occur on a regular basis but here's to the crew that stormed it with me tonight! Triumph to the Onslaught!!!


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