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  1. Xavio

    1. Age (18+ Requirement): 30
    2. Name (Forum & IGN): Xavio
    3. Class: Any class the legion needs, preferably cleric, sorc or templar.
    4. Do you have vent and a mic?: Yes
    5. Previous gaming experience: Star Wars Galaxies, Lineage 2, WoW, AoC, Warhammer.
    6. Why did you choose XoO? XoO reputation speaks for itself. Your guild is well accomplished and other guilds try to compete with XoO. Also, I want to achieve high level end game.
    7. Why do you think you'll be a good fit:? I am very guild orientated and I'll do what the guild needs me to do to make XoO better. I am very good at following instructions, I can also lead when needed.
    8. What will you contribute to the guild? I am very loyal and a pretty hardcore player. I've been in top WoW PvE guilds on Illidan (Blood Legion, Backrage), been gladiator 2 seasons in arenas, did large scale sieging in Lineage 2 and AoC.
    9. How will you improve our guild and be a valued member? I'll strive to do my best in whatever you guys order or need me to do. XoO is already top of the line, but I will put in whatever effort it takes to make us better.
    10. Do you have a referral?: No
    11. A little bit about yourself: I work hard and play hard. I'm serious about gaming and very competitive. I have always been in top guilds in past games and top pvp teams. I like to party and play sports when I am not playing games or working.
    12. Activity Level? About 40 hours a week.
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    We are closed on recruiting, but you are welcome to join the waiting list. Spots open up from time to time and by being added to the waiting list you will have an increased chance of getting into the guild.

    Waiting List - Pending
  3. Xavio

    Sounds good, I'll just level my character on the same server as XoO and hopefully some spots open up. Is there a certain class XoO is looking for?

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