Warhammer Online: Yes we really are that crazy

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    A little blip for you still on the fence of the game, Steel put together this vid of us from our open beta in the last few days. First is us popping out of a Lair (Single super powerful hero monster location that drops an uber item) to gank a Order guy who was chasing one of our own, boy was he surprised when we came out.

    Second is us running off a cliff together... I don't honestly know what that was about...

    After that we start in on last nights fun, Naked Shaman Wednsday. We all rolled up Goblin shaman's and run around the newbie area's without any armor, nuking the ever living hell out of things. We had a good 20+ folks involved. Oh and did I mention everyone of us had a name starting with XoO?

    So if you guys are still on the fence, the time is now to get off it, cause when we roll, only madness and chaos will be left in our wake.

    -KM, Warhammer XO
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