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  1. Ok so here's the thing. Because of some issues I had to format and reinstall xp. The driver right now is like the windows default one xp picks for ya. For some reason though I can't update to the new ones for my card. Everytime I do and restart my puter I am stuck with my settings at 4bit color quality and 800x600 screen size. I can't seem to change it and the only way to undo it is to uninstallthe nvidia drivers. I wasn't having this problem before the reformat.
    I'm not sure if I just need to update my drivers on soemthign else or what? I've never had this problem before.
    Running a nvidia 7600.
    Oh and if anyone can't think of anything, then does anyone know of any tech forums I can hit up?
    Thanks all.
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    Do you have the original driver cd for your card?

    try for video forums, or nvidia's own forums, which are fairly helpful
  3. gawd.. nevermind im a noob.. i forgot to update windows... -_-
    Works good now lol

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