The Seven Guardians and the Dwellvics (long short story)

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    The sounds of a hammer falling descended more lightly as the night crept on the daylight. Grolin knew how close the day was ending as the light would come through the massive light holes that came down from the high ceiling. Grolin loved looking at the sky lights, as it was the most beautiful thing that couldn’t be described as that light reflected about the heavy stone, showing every flaw and imperfection in the stone. Grolin was working on repairing the arch ways of a Hall that was not important but nonetheless very grand. The Arch way was made of stone, white stone, which was handcrafted as it was only custom to put the work for it gave it the beauty. The Archway was connecting of two halls that were used for transportation. Both halls where very long, one could stand in the arch way and not see where it end. The hall was also wide; easily 30 dwarves side by side could march. Grolin wanted to be the best craftsmen of the mountain, so he could finally start building great halls and chambers for kings. Grolin was only 75, which would make you an old man in common years but as a dwarf, he was only considered of coming of age. As he walked toward his own home, (which was more of a carved out hole in the mountain) the memory of Grolin late father that had fallen in the great battle of the elves, came to his mind. Oh how, he hated the elves. The elves did not like how the dwarfs attached themselves to their crafting and their love of stone. This story will be for another time though as this story is not about the dwarves and elves worthless battles over the mountains. Grolin father Gormin Red Hammer received his surname Red hammer for his love of the use of Garnet and other red stones in his crafting of amour and weapons, and he loved his Red hammer that broke many goblins and elves amour before he was hit by an arrow, not once but over seven times before falling. Grolin walked under his father’s last crafted hall and hoped he could live up to his father and family. In his spacing he forgot to say any greetings to his friend Horin. Horin yelled “Hey you walking dead elf Gloin, no hello?†Grolin looked up and gave Horin a big handshake, glade that he was taken away from his deep thoughts. “Hey Horin, how was working in the third chamber of kings?†said Grolin. “Oh, you know , the handcrafters are heavy on our precision of the repairs and additions, so we work for long days.†Replied Horin. Grolin nodded his head and gave out his hand for a basic goodbye handshake. The dwarves are very prideful in their work and achievements, but disliked talking about their faults; Gloin would rather work for elves in Renothalin then here about his short comings in his craft.
    Grolin home was pretty simple. He had the stone door with markings he has worked on for a couple of ages; it was an ongoing project showing your crafting progress through time. A dwarf’s house is very unspectacular on any type of living conditions. The dwarves had a place to greet friends and family in what would be considered a living room, some small furniture traded from men, a bedroom with a small bed and a table for candlelight. The biggest and most elegant part of any dwarf house was the vault room. Usually had multiple locks, and enchantments to keep anyone other than the owner out. Grolin was decent but that meant that it was bigger than anything else he owned, the room was basically the vault, and when you opened it you saw why they kept their treasures under so much restraint. The walls of the vault glistened with amour made by Grolin father’s father. Helmets from over 400 years old, his father’s Red hammer, mithril blades from fallen elves as a type of reward. Coins layered the floor. Gloin was well off in his treasures and family items, since his ancestry went as far back as any other. Usually dwarves checked their treasure three times a day, or more often if not repairing the cityor making things with leisure time. This was Grolin last time he would look at his treasure for some time, he did not know why but he did sense that he needed to look at his treasure longer this time. He closed the vault and laid down in his bed, wondering when his chance to make great weapons and amour would come.
    Grolin was quickly woken by the sounds of horns that stretched the whole city, and without a though he jumped up and dressed for battle. The Horns meant that a battle was underway or close to underway and that every dwarf be ready. Horin came running and into Grolin house, yelling for him. Grolin came rushing out (wearing id family battle amour) asking “what is going on, who is attacking us?†“We are not sure†said Horin, “but I think it’s the goblins, we must hurry out to the hall and get some direction.†Horin and Grolin ran out seeing dwarves rush by with their best dwarven amour, and weapons all in a panic. A Dwarf Guardian was shouting orders, telling people which way to go. Horin and Grolin ran up to ask what they can do. They both didn’t think about it first but it was a dwarf that they couldn’t stand, his name was Black Breath, well that was the name both Grolin and Horin gave him, but his real name was Huskin. “Hey, why are you both here? You think you can do anything other than polish amour?†said Huskin. “Well, I see you have eaten another rotten dear there Huskin.†Replied Horin. “Shut up both of you, who is attacking and from where?†yelled Grolin. Frustrated by the way Grolin talked to him Huskin said “It’s a Goblin raid for treasure and they have attacked two halls, one more than the other. The goblins are at the North hall by the king’s chamber with a large force and a smaller force to the south exit. We have sent many to the kings chamber, so you both should head to south exit, at least you both can slow them up by dyeing and forcing them to kill you.†Both the dwarves ran down the hall way to the south exit, Horin give a look as they left that he will get him for his last comment. Both ran down the halls heading to the south exit, at least from their location it was only down two long hallways and to the left. Horin huffing and puffing said “Something is not right, goblins are usually attacking with one force, and don’t like to take small numbers into our city.†“I know†said Grolin “It as if they wanted most of the dwarves further away.†The halls seemed longer during this run, the heavy mithril amour clashed back and forth, making it easy for any man to fall over but the stature of the dwarves helped them with center of gravity.
    As they where getting close to the end of the hall, both could start to hear the goblin war drums beating loudly from within. Yells and deathly screams from both dwarves and goblins. The sounds made it seem that the Goblins where winning the battle. They looked at each other with troublesome faces and started down the hall double time. Grolin reached the turn first, with Horin right behind. The drums banged louder and louder, echoing down the hall, like some great beast walking down their way. More and more dwarven screams yelled as their last breath was taken. Finally after a minute of awful thoughts and both their imagination running wild about what evil was lurking around the final curves of the exit, gloin saw the battle. It looked more of massacre from their point of view. A couple of other dwarves followed closely behind. Grolin turned to the smallest one and told him to drop his amour and run to the Battle officers and tell them about the goblins great new force in the south exit tunnel. The small dwarf took off running as fast as he could. Horin looked to Grolin and uttered out a few words saying “It was a trap; they wanted it to seem they were attacking the king, but they really wanted to kill more dwarves and out flank us.†A couple of more dwarves arrived but not enough to fight the whole Goblin army. Horin looked overwhelmed, the others were nervous but Hokin, who everyone knew was a high ranking dwarf, but was to shock at first to talk. Horin knew what had to be done; Grolin gave Horin a look and knew what he was thinking. Both them looked at the other dwarves to see who could handle the new mission. Out of the bunch only five others, gave them a nod. Horin ordered the others to run further up and start working on collapsing the tunnel and if anymore come have them work on the tunnel. The eight other dwarves ran back up to the tunnel. Hokin after gathering his posture stood up and said “If this be the last day then, I want to know the names of my brothers that share in my glory of the dwarven kingdom. “ One by one they started to say their names. Horin Ironshield, Grolin Longbeard, Bolin Heavyhammer, Delent Ironfists, Bruin Stonefoots, Larin Firebeard and the dwarf that asked for the names went last and said “I am Anar soon to be named Black Hammer, son of Hokin Stonecraft. “
    The seven dwarves looked at each other with a small smile; all seven dwarves didn’t realize that the seven that stayed where there from the seven houses of dwarves. Anar raised his hammer as high as he could “We Charge for the pride of our houses, the honor of battle and that thought that Thor is waiting to greet us with open arms.†Anar started to run and the seven dwarves charged down the hall yelling, screaming. Grolin, has fought only in small skirmishes, and was nervous of what action should be taken. The goblins realize after resting and gathering trophies that more dwarves where coming and looked up with eagerness. The goblins laughed at what was coming and ordered the two Cave trolls with them to the back of the army as if the goblins themselves wanted this victory, or that is what it seemed to be but the unknowing dwarves didn’t know what the goblins had in mind for them. Anar was the first to reach the Goblins killing two with the swing of his hammer, each dwarf after him killed one as they clashed against the goblins charge. The dwarven amour was better than the goblins, so even though they had the numbers, the dwarves wouldn’t fall from any small cuts and slashes. Anar had a couple of cuts, Grolin had cut on the upper arm, and the others where unscathed. Horin crushed two more under his axe, Delent and Bruin where back to back fighting four or more goblins, Larin and Bolin where pushing along the walls to the left forcing the goblins in the area of Anar’s whirling hammer. Over fifteen goblins have fallen, the small hall forced goblins to be just hand to hand and lose their ability to shoot arrows because of the close quarters. Grolin had a small glimmer of hope, as a chance that more dwarves might come. Anar, Larin, Horin screamed for more battle, as if they haven’t killed enough. The goblins started to wail loudly in frustration, one of the more ugler goblin yelled orders to the back. The goblins started to fall back, as if they wanted to avoid the seven dwarves. The goblins moved to the sides and a huge cave troll came running through to fight. The cave troll came stumbling up and the seven dwarves backed up to form some fighting strategy together. The cave troll was incredibly large to the dwarfs, the cave troll almost had to duck as it was running forward and had a club it that more looked like a tree than a club. The troll started to fling the tree around like it was nothing. Grolin jumped back barely missing him, a branch from the tree as it missed Grolin hit Bolin and flew against the wall, injured but still alive. Horin and Lorin threw small axes at the cave trolls feet which just angered the troll and picked up his tree over his head and yelled with anger. Anar and Delent tried to rush him but they had to retreat from the large feet of the cave troll as it tried to crush them. Grolin gathering his composer threw his hand axe at the troll, and hit it in the shoulder causing the beast to scream. The cave troll raised the tree in anger above his head and threw the tree sideways, and with no escape the seven dwarves where knocked out, laying beneath the heavy tree. Grolin looked up dazed and confused and heard the goblins and trolls cheer, the cheering though suddenly stopped and before Gloin passed out he heard the Dwarven King Hokin Stonecraft tell his dwarves “Charge for our fallen brethren, and don’t let any enemy walk freely home.â€
    Grolin woke by a large noise, the noise reminded him of boulders rolling down the mountain and he felt that he was rolling down with the boulder. Grolin finally got some vision back when he jerked back as he realized a troll was carrying him on his back, and goblins cheering in a victory. Two other dwarves were being carried by him on the troll. Grolin thought it was probably Lorin and Borin. The Troll in front also carried three which by the weapons could be identified as Arnor, Horrin, and Delent. Grolin could not see Bruin,, but did see that it was getting lighter, and that the ground was getting less and less like the mountains. After a couple of minutes of despair, Grolin fell back into a deep sleep. Grolin was waken by Lorin and Borin, hovering over him, glade to see him alive. Lorin look around to see if anyone was around and said “The goblins captured all of us, Arnor, Horrin and Delent are in a prison on the other side of the camp, but we haven’t seen Bruin since we were put into these cages.†Grolin got up and looked around. The cage was made of some type of black oak, and the air smelt of death, rotten animals, any disgust that would enter the mind seemed to be all in this one place. There was a fire in the middle of this grove of bush type trees and rocks that circled the encampment, there was goblins yelling in the distance and a few fights that seemed to have broken out. The sky was dark, no light from the stars or moon wanted to come into this forsaken place. The rocks where jagged and on the edge of come type of cliff. Animal skulls scattered the floor, and bigger animal bones where hung from the trees either for a weapon or for a trophy, either way it disgusted every single dwarf that was trapped in these cages.
    What seemed like hours passed, not sure if the sun would ever shine on their prisons? Grolin, Larin and Borin sat at the back of the cage wondering what would happen next. The distant goblin yelling came closer and closer; the dwarves received a shiver as if the laughter and yelling was for the death that was caused the previous battle or the death that might happen. Goblins came running through the camp yelling at the dwarves. Two bigger goblins looked as if they where the leaders being taller stronger, and the ugliest, had more treasures on their amour than any of the smaller goblins, walked to the fire and stopped and in common tongue asked “Dwarves better stand up now our pain shall follow.†The voice was deep and scratchy, the sound of scraping rocks and yelling dwarf children would have been better. Grolin and the others in his cage looked at each other and stood, but the Two goblin leaders looked angry and then started to yell at the other cage. “Stand now or you’ll be marked by fire†said the one to the left, “You think you are better than us? Get him out of the cage now.†Yelled the Goblin leader to the right. The goblins rushed at the order and pulled out Arnor out of the prison, and thrown him at the feet of the goblin leaders. “I’m Gesto leader of the goblins of the south, and the one to the right is Fertic the leader of the mountain goblins.†Said the goblin leader to the left. “You’ll our prisoners to us.†Said Feric, “Grab’him now , get the marking stickâ€. The goblins grabbed Arnor and held him up while others grab a pole with a symbol that the end and put it into the fire. Gestro bellowed “You’lbe touched by the fire, forever marked as weak.†Feric grabbed the pole out of the fire and pressed it firmly against the left cheek of Arnor. Arnor screamed as the flame burned the skin and smell of burnt skin filled the air. The goblins lifted their nose to smell that lovely smell. Grolin flinched with pain as if his skin was being touch with the fire, the sounds that came from Arnors mouth was so horrid that any dwarf would fall to his knees. Horin and Delent screamed from the other cage to stop. Arnor yelled but would not fall over in pain, it was the only way he could show his strength. Feric pulled the poll off and showed a marking of a broken axe with two spears pointing towards the broken part of the axe. Feric said “This’s to show you that no goblin wills die’before the weapon of urs.†The goblins shoved Arnor back in his caged at the exact moment as another creature or being entered the encampment. Ferric and Gestro dropped to the floor as with all other goblins and did not look up until the creature spoke. The voice was dark and deep, the effect of the sounds made the ears of the dwarves hurt as if the sounds itself would caused pain. The being stood twice as tall the two leading goblins which would be about four or five dwarfs. A long black deep robe covered his body, the hood covered his head but you could still see the reddish black eyes that pierced all light. When the creature moved, there would be banging of metal as if he constantly wore amour from head to toe, but hid it from all view. He was slender and had the shape of an elf, but cleary could not be one. No weapon was present but you sensed that he could kill you without any weapon. He hovered above everything around like and beast circling his prey. “Stand now you fools†bellowed the dark creature. The dwarves stood but pressed against the back of the cages with their backs. “Oh dwarves, you scattered to the back of the cages with fear, as if you already know the pain that will come, but you do not know fear yet.†Cried the beast. “The world calls me Dourian the deathless.†The dwarves look at each other with very nervous eyes, knowing all too well that Dourian is all that is evil, and that he use to be a guardian spirit but rather rule than guide. Having been born with elven and spirit heritage, cast that life down to gain power over the world. Dourian worked for the great evil, never scene, and never heard from. Only whispers mention what this evil might be. “I’m sure you all grew to hate Orcs, one of my finest creations from the torture of elves.†Said Dourian. “The creation of Orcs got my master and I thinking of what further experiments would result in.†The goblins laughed in their usually deathly way. Dourian raised his hand and said “leave the dwarves unspoiled, and well feed, the torture has already begun.†Dourian turned and left, Feric and Gestro was close behind. The Goblins set up posts to guard the prisons.
    The goblins did hold to their orders and fed the dwarves some of the nicest food that any of the six have ever eaten before. The goblins did though poke, laugh at, and do anything to the dwarves outside of spoiling them. Burin has still not been seen and from the looks of everything Horrin and Arnor where working on a plan to escape. Grolin felt bad for Arnor, and being marked with the goblins marking, The marking meant that he was not a good warrior and lost without honor in battle. Anar could probably never be king, as the goblins would see it as a weakness, and his the current kings enemies would take advantage of. Arnor though was strong minded, and willed, and if anybody would overcome this situation he would, Grolin never saw much of Anar before this awful ordeal. The goblins did give both groups some interaction for only a couple of minutes so their joints wouldn’t stiffen and to use the bathroom. The days passed but as the sun never shined down it was hard to say how many days have passed since the last battle. Grolin used the fact that they have slept four times since the battle and that gave him hope that it has only been four days. On the fifth day, the goblins opened the prison and let out us out like usual but this time only Lorin got out before the goblin closed the cage door. Lorin looked at Grolin and Borin with fear of what will happened, he screamed for them to tell his family that he loved them and that he will see them again. Grolin was afraid that he would never see his new friend again, and Borin looked on as he also realized what was happening. That day when let out to walk around a bit, Horin and Arnor told the plan of escape to Grolin and Borin, they could no longer sit by. The golblins started to shout for the dwarves to head back to their cage. Arnor looked at everybody and shook his head. Arnor jumped at the goblin in the back and before the goblin knew what was hapopening, stole his weapon and killed the goblin with it. As the other goblins rushed to attack Arnor, Borin, Grolin, Delent, and Horin tackled five separate goblins and took their weapons, and killed them with little effort. Arnor killed the last two rushing him, but a goblin escaped the fight and was running to sound the alarm. Arnor rushed to the encampments entrance with the others following. Grolin was amazed on how things were going, on the orders of Arnor they all gathered items that would burn and stacked them in front of the entranced and used a log from the fire and let it on fire. As the fire started to burn, the dwarves could here Goblins and Trolls yell and gather. Only Arnor didn’t look frightened of what they did, and what would come of it, he seem not to know fear anymore. The group headed to the back side of the camp, where they could climb higher and hopefully get over the cliff and work their way down. Arrows started to fly over head, as they started to climb the side of the encampment. Grolin was huffing as he wasn’t use to climbing at such speed. The dwarves started to sense that they couldn’t keep this up without total exhaustion. Arnor reached the top first and help pull up the others onto top of the cliff, Grolin looked down at the amazement of their climbing since the cliff was almost vertical. As they all reached the top a cave Troll ran through the fire and pushed all the wood away, and the goblins rushed in. Grolin turned away from the rushing goblins to look at their next feat they must overcome. The backside of the cliff was steeper than the one they just climbed and went a lot further down. The dwarves saw some brush that if they could hold on to would let them lower to the next spot, and hopefully give them another way to go. The dwarves reached the brush and lowered on to the ledge and, their hearts started to beat faster as they got closer to the edge and the screams of hate from over the cliff, where the goblins climbed.
    There wasn’t anywhere to go from the edge, it was a dead end. Panic set in the dwarves, Grolin felt as if his world was crushing in around him, and he knew that a straight fall would kill them all. Arnor looked around, looking for any possible escape. Hurin said “We need to go now, this ledge won’t hold us five for long.†Grolin knew he was right, that at any moment the cliff would collapse. Arnor looked around and told everyone to hold on to the rocks below them, as he raised the weapon form the goblins and smash it against the rock below him. The rocks gave away the pieces of rocks where large enough and stayed under the dwarves feet like shields sliding down a mountain. The dwarves yelled in fright as the rocks slid down the side of the mountain gaining more and more speed. The Ground was coming fast, and so was something they hadn’t seen before that was green. The dwarves feel through some tree’s that where gathered by the goblins and slowed their decent, enough to not cause any serious harm. The dwarves hit the ground rolling over; all in pain, but all could still go forward. Grolin knew that if it wasn’t for their adrenaline then they would probably be unconscious. Grolin ran over to Horin and helped him up and both of them ran to Delent to help him up, Arnor helped Borin up. The dwarves ran, in the opposite direction of the cliff, they did not know where they were going but that they wanted to be as far away as possible.
    Running as fast as they could through the thick forest, the tree’s where opposite of their prison. The forest was clean, and living. Fresh smells filled that air, as spring could only bring. Happiness and joy crept its way into Grolin heart and everybody around seemed slightly happier than they have been in a long time. The sun was hitting the dwarves with all its force as it saved it energy for the past five days to give the dwarves the most amount of energy. The sun felt amazing, the warmth against their skin, even their beards seem to enjoy to finally have sunlight as color slowly returned to them. Everything was perfect; Grolin to himself gave himself a vow never to take life granted ever again, and to revenge his friends. The forest was full of thick oak, a mixture of old trees’s and new, moss all over and high grass, and brush all around. The dwarves angled their way through the brush and find the easiest way possible since dwarves usually don’t run through forests. The forest was coming to an end finally, and Grolin could start to see the Mountainshe was eager to call home. Delent was the first to reach the tree line, followed by Hurin, Arnor, and Borin, Grolin was the last to arrive. The other four stopped at the tree line and Grolin didn’t understand why. He reached the tree line and saw a huge army of goblins with Feric and Gestro standing to the front. The goblins all started to jump and yell, scream all at once. The dwarves staggered in fright as the dwarves heard the goblins that followed them getting closer. The group was again surrounded by their enemy. Everyone was worried, only Arnor had a look like he had a plan. Arnor looked around before saying “I will not be captured again.†Bolin gave a smirk, same with Horin. Horin pat Delent on the back, looked up into the sky, “if all else fails we fight.†A sudden Idea rushed over Grolin “We need to kill the leading goblins, with them out theway the King can easily smite these vermin.†Arnor looked at Grolin “You’ve made the best decisions during the toughest times, first with the tunnel and now with this.†Anar looked at the others and told them “If any of us survive, tell my father of how we never gave up, for our kingdom.†Arnor put up is goblin weapon put his head down for what later was told as his final thought for his kingdom, and charged to ferric and Gestro. The four dwarves shocked by Anars action, didn’t move. The goblins laughed, but that didn’t hinder Arnor as he rushed faster. Feric took it usuriously and turned to the goblins to make a comment of how this would be easy but before his mouth opened and spear went through his chest. Feric yelled with pain and surprise by the speed of the spear and accuracy. Feric collapsed right next to Gestro.
    Gestro unnerved by what happened pulled out his bow and grabed an arrow and released it. The arrow was only in the air for mere seconds before hitting Arnor in the leg. Arnor collapse from the shear force of the arrow and by his own speed. Grolin looked on in fear, and inspiration of what just happened. Borin and Delent stared straight on with tears starting to flow down their beards. Gestro went over and picked up Arnor, and told the goblins to capture the rest. Anar yelled in pain, and frustration. The four of them with no weapons grabbed rocks, and logs and rushed at the enemy, everyone knew they had to save Arnar. Grolin and Borin threw rocks so hard that it crushed two goblins heads, Hurin and Delent smashed the wood against the helmets of the goblins causeing many to fall over in either pain, or death. Grolin ran with Borin to help kill as many as possible. An Arrow flew right past the head of Grolin and stuck Borin in his chest. Grolin stop to help Borin but with his dyeing breath Borin told Grolin “Fight on, save Arnar, I will cover you.†Glorin ran to the side of Delent and Hurin as Borin grabbed a branch and clubbed two more goblins before another arrow hit him again in the chest, rushing all his life right out of him. The three left killed injured many goblins. Arrows caught each dwarf in different parts of their legs. Crawling in pain trying to get reach Gestro. The goblins would have loved to killed and even eaten the dwarves but Gestro told them to capture as many as possible. Again Grolin found himself being carried by Trolls back to the encampment. How much Grolin in would have liked to be killed on the battlefield. He would not allow the goblins to torture him or let him rot in a prison.
    Grolin, Hurin, and Delent spent the next couple of days recovering from their arrow wounds. Hurin’s looked the worse, and Grolin had a feeling he wouldn’t last much longer since Hurins started to swell and turn blacker. The goblins kept them fed, but no longer let them out to stretch. The non movement helped the wounds heal, but not correctly. Grolin spent his days figuring another escape and how Arnor rushed in to battle with no fear. This morning after Hurin and Delent woke up; Hurin uttered the words that no friend wants to hear. “If I cannot die in battle, I want a fellow dwarf and best friend to kill me then give these goblins the pleasure.†Grolin looked in disbelief, He understood why he was told this, and he would probable asked the same thing. The problem is always for those that are given the task. No friend can willing take another friends life. Delent hasn’t said much during the battles but had to respond to Hurin. “Hurin you are a mighty dwarf that has killed many goblins, without fear, you sir will be known as Hurin the Goblin Crusher. You will fight one more time with us, and we’ll meet Thorn with no regrets.†Hurin gave a smile appreciating everything that was just said. Grolin looked relieved, and glade that Delent took the words right out of his mouth, and wouldn’t have to respond. The rest of the day Delent and Grolin discussed possibly ways of achieving their final battle. The only way this would come is when they took another dwarf out of the cage to the unknown location to never be seen before. This was the exact night that would happen, although they didn’t think that escaping would be so easy. But heart breaking. The guards came back from the entrance of the encampment and looked worried, as if they all just got yelled at and that death was threatened. One guard came and unlocked the door. Grolin and Delent were ready to jump at the goblin when he opened the door, but the chance never came. The goblin unlocked the door but did not open it and with the rest of guards dropped three weapons and left the encampment. The goblins where cussing the dwarves in their own language under their breath.
    Gloin and Delent looked at each other confused and concerned. Hurin looked at both of them and said “Let’s leave this cage, whatever happens next is for Thor.†The three of them left the cage; Hurin was the only one having a hard time walking, while Grolin and Delent could hobble. The three dwarves grabbed the spears left over. Dourin walked in the entrance, and fear came over all three dwarfs. “You have caused many troubles little ones, but your last deed will be very valuable to our goals.†Said Dourin. Delent looked at Grolin and without fear said “You put fear in none of us, we welcome death, and we will kill many before we fall. We will be the light to your shadow and we will kill many before we fall.†Dourin looked deep into Delents eyes and replied “I know you would, but it’s not a goblin you will kill, I have completed my experiments and now you shall face them. It’s a new race of evil that are hardier than Orcs, and wil be more valuable in battle, I call them Hestins. Like orks from Elves, Hestins are from dwarves.†Shock and disgust ran through the three friends, knowing exactly what he meant, and that their fight would not be among the goblins but fellow dwarves. Dourin laughed with his high scathing laugh and said, “You live you go home, you die you’ll be a trophy, my lord will favor this new creation.†Dourin walked backwards into the darkness. Screams followed the disappearance of Dourin, not that of orks, or goblins, or even pain. The screams came from something that craved blood, and battle, and of torture beings. The three dwarves moved to the cliff the furthest from the entrance to the encampment. Grolin swallowed hard, not knowing what he would see. As they heard the footsteps move closer the three dwarves hearts beat faster and faster, expecting a creature closer to a Cave Troll and goblin cross breed.
    A faced pierced the blackness, very rough and tough looking. Resembled a dwarfs skin but was darker, greyer, more worn out. The whole face was now seen. The Hestins body moved with goblin like movements, but more broad like an Orc. Grolin though it was like seeing a Dwarf that was agile, and thinner. Hurin yelled in anger and horror. Grolin looked over and back to the Hestins and saw what Hurin saw. The face that was looking at them had a broken axe on his cheek with two spears. There was no way Grolin thought that this could be Arnor. The creature was about the size of the dwarfs, but more goblin or was it more ork looking? He couldn’t put his figure on it but he really resembled a dwarf. The eyes where yellow, the Dwellvics grin showed broken and rotten teeth. Some type of hair was in place of a beard, kind of thinned out and barely washed. The amour was a mixture of dwarven and goblin mix. Dwarven helmet and chess pieces but goblin leg and arm pads. The sight that scared the three surviving dwarves was the sight of Arnors Hammer. Grolin knew deep inside this was Arnor holding his weapon, used to create a new type of fighting for evil. Two more followed behind the first Dwellvics . One was probably Burin and the other resembled Larin. Hurin yelled with fright “What evil is this, to torture the great and honorable friends of ours.†The first Dwellvics laughed and replied “Dwarves are secondary to us new and improved versions. Orks and goblins will be under our command, and our strength shall bring the world to its knees before the dark shadow that will spread.†Hurin lifted his head high with tears running down the side of his face, looked at Grolin and Delent. Hurin eyes filling with emotion uttered out, “We must inform the Dwarf King of what has happened. I know I will die soon and rather die protecting friends than running away. Run now my friends, I shall bring as many of our friends to peace as I can.†Hurin turned and shook the hand of Grolin, whose eyes filled with tears, not sure what to say. Grolin swallowed hard and said “We will never forget you, or what you have done. You will live on my friend.†The three Dwellvics start to rush towards the three dwarves. Hurin grabbed the spear and ran towards the Dwellvics . Delent started to pull Grolin to leave. Delent and Grolin started to climb again and heard a battle behind them. As they reached the top Grolin which was faster now that they knew how to climb this rock, turned around to see that Hurin take down the Huskin that looked like Lorin and now the huskin formerly Arnor stopped running after Grolin and Delent and run back to Hurin. The Huskins hammer fell against Hurins back side, Hurin never saw the weapon come at him, and life was taken swiftly. Grolin gave the biggest yell he could offer. Delent pulled Grolin, and they on their backs on the edge of the cliff. Both start to look hastily around for a way down. Hearing the Dwellvics reaching the rocks, both dwarves knew an answer must be found quickly. Grolin saw a flat rock that both dwarves could fit on, and he grabbed Delent and pulled him on the rock and told him to “Hold on.†Grolin started to pry the rock off the cliff. The Dwellvics reached the top of the cliff and saw the two dwarves. Huskins screeched toward them, Grolin frightened but more determined pushed as hard against the stone as he could, and when Delent realized what he was doing helped. Both of them force the rock to separate and to slide down the mountain. The fall was easier to handle, but both knew that it would hurt and prepared for the fall. The Dwellvics screamed in defeat, and anger about the prey that got away. The rocks hit the ground causeing the two dwarves to tumble. Delent ran over and helped Glorin up and started running as fast as their hubbled legs could take them. Delent and Grolin ran as fast as they could, eyes filled with tears. Knowing that what they have seen has changed their lives forever. Grolin was going to swear revenge against Dourin and everyone involved in this type of evil. Torturing souls and bending them to evil, is unforgivable and if Grolin died trying it would be a good death.
    After double the time it took them to reach the forest edge before, the dwarves where about to reach the forest line. Grolin could see that someone was leaning into the forest, yelling something. Delent started to slow down, unsure if they wanted to go further. A little yell went through both their ears, hearing a whisper of names being called. Arnar, Lorin, Delent yelled the creature at the end of the forest. Grolin knew who he was, knew that he has heard this exact voice. Grolin grabbed Delent and ran to him, it was exactly what Grolin thought it was, it was Huskin the dwarven guardian. Whoalso started to run up on them “I can’t believe you guys are still alive, where is the rest of your group?†Huskin’s eyes meet both Delents and Grolin eyes, and knew at once that they had meat Thor. He bowed his head, and said “May Thor greet them with his great halls.†Huskin grabed Grolin who was still injured from the fall and helped Glorin run back to the search Brigade that was sent out by the King, being informed by Huskin on how the king has searched, and that just recently found a piece of Arnar amour laying beyond the forest. Grolin and Delent reached the search party with Huskin, both dwarves exhausted and hungrey,, where left alone until the next day to talk to the king with their full strength.
    The next day Delent and Grolin was sent to meet the King in the city. Delent gave most of the story as Grolin was still overcome by grief, and still exhausted and injured from the fall down the cliff. Delent went over the trick of attacking the city at two points, and they really wanted to capture dwarves for Dourin. How the group fought away from Feric and Gestro to the forest and how the group was recaptured, and the decision that Grolin came to. Delent gave a long explanation of how the king’s son showed no fear during battle and that they wouldn’t be alive if it wasn’t for his bravery and quick thinking. Delent then choked up and Grolin turned away, the king looked at them softly and said “I know you went through great pains, and saw things no other should have seen, but will you honor me by telling what happened to my son and what happened to the other fallen dwarves?†Delent turned away; there was no way he could have repeat what happened. Grolin turned back around, held up his head, and said “Arnor was the strongest of us all, he fought with all his might that would have brought down multiple cave trolls and foul beasts. It took Dourin himself to defeat such an honorable dwarf. Dourins mission was to create a new race, exactly the way that orks where made from elves. It took Dourin over five days to take down Arnor, which took only two days for others. The race is called Dwellvics .†Grolin went on to describe what they looked like with their dwarf like appearance, but love of torture, meat, blood, and battle. The use of dwarven and goblin amour, thinned beards, grayish faces. The King looked on, with tears full in his eyes. He bowed his head for a long time, gathering his composure. Finally the king again, “Let it be known that Grolin and Delent our hero’s of this city, and there will be a grand new hall made in honor of the seven dwarfs that risked everything for the protection of their king and kingdom. I have never seen so much bravery and misery ever in my lifetime. There is a new race, for evil named Hestins that would bring down the end of the good races. We will meet them head on, and we will fight on, for those that have fallen to those evils, and bring our dwarven brothers to peace. The seven Dwarves that took so many enemies with them , and fought only for their friends and family will forever be remembering as the Seven Guardians.†The king stood up and bowed before Grolin and Delent, the whole dwarven kingdom followed in the Kings example. Grolin and Delent turned around to head back down the stairs, but the King grabbed both their shoulders eyes full of tears and embraced both of them, with thanks, and said “Will you too honor me and this kingdom and build the Seven Guardians Chamber, with everything you have seen?†Both of them bowed and left the kings chamber.
    A couple of years later, Grolin was walking through the Seven Guardians Chamber, after a long day of carving and building, stopped in front of the seven statues by the front door. He wondered like usual what have happened if he died instead of his friends. He bowed in front and gave his respects, he received a pat on the back, and turned around to see who it was. Delent looked at him and said “Our friends look good don’t they, forever watching us, guiding us on to the right path.†Grolin just nod in approval. Delent followed with “Have you heard the good news?†“No†replied Grolin in curiously. “Well the kingdom can’t get over the beauty and precision of this hall; it really has surpassed all other halls, even your fathers. The king has decided to build a new kings chamber next to the Seven Guardian Chamber, and turn the old one in to a training grounds. He wants both of us to supervise the construction of it. “ replied Delent. Grolin looked up at the Seven Guardians and with full of pride and honor said “There will be no other construction by me, this chamber is meant for friends that we lost, I think I’ll write what had happened, so we truly never forget them.†Delent looked in amazement at Grolin “That’s funny†said Delent “I was just thinking the same thing.â€
    Grolin and Delent died years after, mixture of wounds from battles with the hestins and from old age. The Hestains have became like the Orks and used for battle by the evil ones, but where ever Hestins march the dwarven kingdom was close behind. Both buried in the stone of the Seven Guardian chamber, forever looked at as the strength of the dwarves will. Grolin and Delent went into many battles; any that would involve the Dwarfs to fight. Both never lead into battle, wishing to instead fight side to side with their brethren, protecting them at all costs. Not once during those years did the dwarves lose a battle, we were at the height of race during those times. Under all the evil around and how easy it was to crumble, the Seven Guardians without thought of money or selfishness, spat in the Dourins face and showed the true strength of all the dwarves around the world. Grolin and Delent never wrote the story or built another single item. The story was told to anyone that would listen. As with all actions within time, the story fades in and out, till it’s only a myth, but deep down each dwarf knows that there is strength within each of us, no matter what our class is or who our parents are. We can all rise to level of the Seven Guardians.

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