The Businessman [A Dollhouse Fanfiction]

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    The Businessman
    by Tyloric

    It was a joke, a fucking joke, one he really should have seen coming. It had all being going so smoothly. Hire a doll to escort him to the party. After all, an outstanding… businessman like himself needed a fabulous looking creature on his arm, he just doesn’t look proper otherwise.

    So, he went to party. Met with some colleagues, chatted with potential ‘clients,’ all the while having Echo, who was for the moment named Rebecca Stansen. Throughout the evening all he could think about was how she might feel panting beneath him, begging for more.

    But that wasn’t what she had been hired for.

    The ’party’ comes to a conclusion, and Echo is offer for her ‘treatment’. Money well spent, he thinks. He’d gotten quite a few compliments for having her with him. A good night.

    Pressed against the cold concrete in front of his own house was not how he had wanted to end the night. He came out of the shadows like some fucking monster.

    He, briefly, introduces himself as Agent Ballard, shortly after which gets straight to the point (a quality, despite himself, the businessman can’t help but respect) by spewing off various questions about the girl and, eventually, the Dollhouse.

    The businessman resists, at first. It was in his nature to tell anyone who threatens his like to fuck off, but when he hears the gun cock his resolve, as one would expect, waivers, and eventually gives in. He regrets it, and hates that someone managed to get the jump on him.

    He wasn’t going to let this go, and says as much. Ballard was gone before he even got up off the ground.

    The businessman stumbles in his apartment, cleaning himself haphazardly, shaking with fury. Come morning this man would dealt with quickly, at least that’s what he thought at the time.

    He wakes up to the feeling of cold metal biting into his throat and, surprise surprise, finds Echo kneeling above him. She whispers levelly that he should have just kept his mouth shut, before swiftly sliding the blade across his neck.

    Death was much calmer than he expected it might be. Once you realize there is no hope to live, you just don’t care anymore.

    What a joke, were his last thoughts, before slipping entirely into darkness.

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