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  1. 1. Was a member of a guild for two years. Other core members lost interest and the gel of the guild was lost. Looking for a reputable, fun, group who is as knowledgable and seasoned as I am.

    2. 8 characters, Mainly Seth Sphere(war), Gwen of Fire n Ice (ele), Serenity Sphere (Nec), The Glimerman (derv), Gen R Sphere (mnk), Skull Scream (Rit), Mega Sphere (Mes), Gwen O Fear (ele).

    3. 3 years

    4. all 4 using two accounts

    5. probably PvE

    a. All Guild based activities

    b. 8 titles including Leg Vanquisher, sole survivor, ...

    c. opefully to keep it fun and contribute my knowledge of the game as share and help junior players when required.

    d. Not sure of weakness or strengths for that matter as different characters and builds provide a different game experience and the overall success of the group. Given that I've recently been frustrated with the level of players and guilds out there, I'd have to say that probably a weekness of my would be just that, frustrated with players that jump into battle without realizing their own strengths. ie Mesmers that lead into battle and heavily on the groups monk resources for survival while the group as a whole suffers and becomes less efficient

    6. Canada
    a, MST
    b, m-f (6-11pm), wknds
    c, as above - currently on holidays in Europe til Sep 15th
    d, checking out the new Aion game and stumbled on XoO

    Looking forward to once again playing with the Elite.

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    Application looks good, I'll send you an invite in game


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