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  1. Mahgi

    Yea, I know there's a tech forum, but that hasn't seen activity for two weeks, so I'm breaking some rules :cool:

    I have a fair deal of experience with SQL, but as I find myself applying to more and more database related jobs, I wanted to brush up on my skills. Back when I was in school last year, we had a server and all that fun stuff and we could create and modify and query our own databases, but since I have graduated. . . no such luck.

    More or less I'm wondering what I should do to be able to practice SQL. Should I just use MS Access, or is there some online program that I can download or work with.
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    Jul 29, 2008
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  3. Mahgi

    dumb question inc, but is there a way to set up my own server to play with SQL on?
  4. dprophet

    Enterprise Server = MS SQL Server
    MySQL is ok if you want to do a "garage" project. Sorry but MySQL isnt going to land you a job. MS SQL Server will (with experience). Oracle is the most obvious for Enterprises but... expensive...

    More marketable would be hooking up Web Pages to databases, Network based Database, Master/Slave distributed databases.

    If you are just looking for some information to read, I recommend


    Best source of information for all that is IT.

    If you want your own server to play with (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED) either install one on a open computer of yours or get on google and search for
    Virtual Server Colocation
    VMWare colocation
    or something similar. Should cost you about $19/month to have your own Virtual server you can play/break/upgrade/install/etc....

    If Linux then the OS is free, if Windows then PM me as I am a Software Engineer and I have an MSDN Universal account so I have pretty much all the software.
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