Spirits 80 Balance/Resto Druid

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  1. Spirits

    Character Name, Class, and Main Spec:
    Applying for position as raider (as probate) or a member/friend: Member/Friend
    Armory Link: http://www.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Sargeras&n=spirits

    1. Talent spec(s): discuss theorycrafting choices or dual talent spec experience as well as stats for other specs

    Balance- PVP spec I made last month to play with after I got tired of having feral for Anzu farming.

    Resto- PVP/PVE spec I play with, the only difference would be that I picked up 3/3 Brambles rather than NG or going deep enough to CF for the haste.

    2. List Professions you have and how they help your raid performance

    Alchemy - Flasks, Mixology benefits as Blizzard's attempt to keep the profession on tier with other crafting profs

    Herbalism - doesn't really help at all, just allows me to make my alchemical needs.

    3. How long have you played WoW and what are your PvE accomplishments (include other toons if needed)?

    up to BWL in pre-bc, up to Hyjal in BC, up to General (25) and Mimiron? (10)

    4. How much do you PvP and how will it impact raiding?

    Currently it's about all that I do, because I'm not in a raiding guild.

    5. How old are you? Maturity and dedication are of utmost importance. 18 is required with limited exceptions.


    6. Where do you live (state/country) and what is the living arrangement (wife, children, dorm, etc)?

    Lawton, Oklahoma (USA). I live with my fiancée and my father in a house.

    7. Current occupation (outside of WoW) and does it create any scheduling issues with raiding?

    I work days at a steakery, also have classes in the daytime

    8. What guild and/or server are you coming from and why? What do you expect Xen of Onslaught to provide better? (Make sure to include your old guild or we could confuse it with you joining someone else).

    Power Rangers. Don't really expect anything, just want to join to be with my friends.

    9. How did you hear about Xen? List any personal references within the guild and expect them to asked about your raiding ability or confirmation of for friend rank.

    Roch and Holychild

    10. <What and how many consumables do you plan to have in preparation for each raid? What do you do when there is no fish feast?

    Self-made flasks, pots, and on occasion, AH'd food

    11. Our raid schedule can include Monday-Thursday from 7:00-11:00 PM CST (Sargeras Server time) with the occasional Sunday raid for progression (and sometimes skipping Tuesdays for farmed content or patch days). What would be your most likely scheduling conflict if any?

    Don't have one

    12. Submit a damage meter of some kind (or healing meter). If one is not available, explain why. (Tanks do dps too so don't use that as an excuse)

    Don't have access to PR forums anymore, typically top 2, swapped first and second to the other resto druid I raided with during my time in power rangers

    13. Provide a picture of your UI, preferably in Raid combat(at least in a 10-man) and a list addons that you use, so we know you can see those big colored rings of death appearing below your feet.

    apparently the picture isn't loading so here's a link


    Best Screenshot, all the paladins in that raid had Roch the Shaman faces!

    I think when raiding I had recount, DBM, xperl, and bartender

    14. You are done unless you have any final comments to help out your application.Upon completing this application you will be assumed to understand and agree with the raiding policy as posted.

    Just want to join as a friend, don't really have any intention of raiding unless I'm on and you guys need the helping hand.
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    whoooo go spirits! great player only problem i have with him is that it took him this long to app -.-
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    Watching over 150 nukes sitting in the ground

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