So I finally bought my new MP3 player - Cowon D2

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    Jun 22, 2008
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    And I love it. Cost me 145 bucks(4gb version) and it does so much more than just play music! It's not an ipod touch, but it didn't cost as much as one anyways.

    • 2.5" Touch Screen Display
    • Supports FLAC format for lossless sound
    • Lets you use Flash Lite (games/small aps)
    • Comes with a dictionary/Calc/Paint applications
    • Lets you listen to music while you look at pictures or read text documents(awesome for studying or reading manga!)
    • 52 hours of battery life for music playback, 10 hours video playback
    • and more!

    Lots of custom skins/themes, when I start up my cowon D2 this is what I see:

    Figured I'd share this now since its almost school time again and people are always looking for little gadgets to entertain themselves before/during/after/inbetween classes =p.

    Heres a few reviews:
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