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  1. Seraphaea

    1. Age (18+ Requirement): 19.
    2. Name (Forum & IGN): Seraphaea for both.
    3. Class: Sorcereress.
    4. Do you have vent and a mic?: I currently have ventrilo but no mic, I will be getting a new one before the retail release.
    5. Previous gaming experience: a little bit of WoW a very long time ago and many other games such as 2moons, cabal, conquer, perfect world, ultima, etc.
    6. Why did you chose XoO: I want to be a part of a strong, progressive guild that is well established and respected, and Xen of Onslaught looks to be just that.
    7. Do you have a referal?: Sadly, no. But I'd like to get to know everyone.
    8. A little bit about yourself: I'm a person that's easy to get along with and always willing to help. I like a serious, down to business community that is focused on achieving greatness but at the same time creating a comfortable and friendly environment. I may not be a very chatty person in guild chat, but if anyone ever asks a question I have an answer to I am always quick to respond. I'm optimistic and always eager to cheer everyone on into battle. I like to have fun while I play casually, but during pvp and raids I am always concentrated to get things done well and efficiently. I will be playing this game with my fiancé, Episolus.
    9. Activity Level? (hrs/week): around 30-40 hrs/week average, depending on what comes in real life. Could be less, could be much more.
    10. Apply to usergroup: if this means the new member probation group, I'll be joining it as soon as I post this.
  2. Xamiazi

    Jun 24, 2008
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    Hey, welcome and thanks for choosing us; im sure someone will review your application real quick; it looks good in the meantime please apply to the user group of new members

    Welcome and hope to be playing with you soon!
  3. Kyoji
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    Jun 22, 2008
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    Looks good, like the hours/week and like the fact you have played UO. I see no reason to deny your application. Welcome to the guild. Please post around and feel free to hop in vent. Glad to have you with us. =)

    Also, remember to check this thread.

  4. Seraphaea

    Thank you very much. :)

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