Rhythm Tengoku Gold

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    Rhythm Tengoku Gold

    Basically this is a DS remake of the GBA game Rhythm Tengoku, both games are only released in Japan.

    What this game basically is, is a series of very well made minigames completely based off of high precision Rhythm, which differs it from a game like Guitar Hero or DDR because those are about key sequences. This game only has around 2 buttons at a time, sometimes more depending on the style of minigame, the original used all D pad directions as 1 button and A and B as 1 button, some separated the D pad for directional rhythm. RT Gold uses ONLY touchscreen interface which means the DS is held sideways like Brain Age or RL Brain, 1 button is touching the touch screen anywhere since the actual gameplay is only on 1 screen, the other button is using the touch screen to flick up or down on the screen.

    The game plays out in minigames which are kind of like songs made up of pretty linear actions in different beats and tempos which rapidly transition, each level has 4 stages of different minigames, and 1 "Remix" stage to finish it off, Remix stages are songs made up of a combination of the previous minigames in the level, in advanced levels it distorts previous level's stages into larger more difficult unpredictable songs.

    My personal opinion of the game is that this is one of the most fun game's I've ever played, and Gold version worked out flawlessly as a sequel to the original.

    Video of RT GBA

    Video of RT Gold

    ROM Link: Remember that ROM emulation is legal if you own the game, if you do not own the game and have the ROM it becomes illegal if not deleted within 24 hours.

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