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  1. Thumos

    Character Name: Thumos
    Class: Death Knight
    Main Spec:Frost
    Applying for position as raider (as probate) or a member/friend:Raider
    Armory Link:

    1. Talent spec(s): Frost tank is my main spec. But my Other spec is Blood DPS which I don't use often.

    2. List Professions: Mining, Skinning. For hit points and crit but I never really leveled them.

    3. How long have you played WoW:6 Years
    And what are your PvE accomplishments: All of Pre-BC (Ony, MC, Naxx, BWL, AQ40) BC - (Sunwell, Black Temple) WoTLK (OS 10,25 1 Drake, Vault 10,25 Naxx 10,25 EoE 10 Uld 10 Iron console. 25 Flame Leviathan.)
    My other Char is Doomsspawn who I played for the most of that untill WoTLK.

    4. How much do you PvP and how will it impact raiding:I only do on my rogue and not much.

    5. How old are you? I am 17, I am mature about this game I don't get to stressed out and freak out or talk or yell in vent ect. I pretty much just listen to music.

    6. Where do you live (Wisconsin/USA) and what is the living arrangement (I live at home with my parents and that's it)?

    7. Current occupation (outside of WoW) and does it create any scheduling issues with raiding: Over the summer I am working a lot I am a professional wake boarder and slalom skier and a mechanic. So atm I am busy Sat- tuesday. And I work most days from 7AM till about 7:30 PM ish.

    8. What guild and/or server are you coming from and why: I am coming from Evolution I hate to leave them because they are a nice family guild but unfortunately they cannot progress Uld because they do not have well enough geared people.
    What do you expect Xen of Onslaught to provide better: Iv know of Xen for a long time. And I had friends in it for a short time who no longer play WoW. For the most part they talk about how progressive it was.

    9. How did you hear about Xen: I have know about it for a long time. I ask Beltdurid about the website so I could come sign up. I was doing Uld with him at the time.

    10. What and how many consumables do you plan to have in preparation for each raid? What do you do when there is no fish feast?
    -For the most part I have food that gives me stam buffs and I can buy pots if I really need them but I don't for the most part.

    11. Our raid schedule can include Monday-Thursday from 7:00-11:00 PM CST (Sargeras Server time) with the occasional Sunday raid for progression (and sometimes skipping Tuesdays for farmed content or patch days). What would be your most likely scheduling conflict if any?
    -During the summer I work a lot and on most day's I don't get home till 7:30 ish. I may also be at tournaments for sports. But after summer during school I am always on.

    12. Submit a damage meter of some kind (or healing meter). If one is not available, explain why. (Tanks do dps too so don't use that as an excuse)
    -Single target (I am a tank) I do about 1.5 to 1.9

    13. Provide a picture of your UI, preferably in Raid combat(at least in a 10-man) and a list addons that you use, so we know you can see those big colored rings of death appearing below your feet.
    I have a very big list... Um...
    -Mik scrolling battle text
    -Heal bot
    -titan heal bot
    -damage counter
    -FINNAL warnings
    -(other addons for farming ect)
    (Took a shot of me hitting some NPC outside of venomspit if link does not work then tell me)

    14. You are done unless you have any final comments to help out your application.Upon completing this application you will be assumed to understand and agree with the raiding policy as posted.
    -No not really other then my work stuff and my age. I work a lot because It's summer and I can.
  2. Lime

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    Network Engineering
    No Where Important
    Lvling your professions helps!

    Also, I don't have myspace so I can't see your picture ='[
  3. Thumos

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  4. Neptuno

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    Watching over 150 nukes sitting in the ground
    im not sure why, but im curious what the "RE" means in the title line... also, which fights have you tanked? just my thought, but hp seems low
  5. Thumos

    (Just talking about WoTLK) I have tanked all of naxx 10 /25 All bosses and Add jobs.
    OS 10 /25 1 Drake The sec dragon.
    Vault 10/25 Both bosses and adds.
    EoE 25 man.
    And uld 10 Ignis the Furnace Master adds, Razorscale, XT-002 Deconstructor Adds, Kologarn left and right arm + adds, Assembly of Iron I have tanked all 3.

    I have 27717 health unbuffed The WoW armory does not take my buffs that i get for attributes. And my metagation is low because of that to.
  6. Neptuno

    Sep 14, 2008
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    Watching over 150 nukes sitting in the ground
    well, i can't really double check against it now since you have a fishing pole, but i'm still seeing 27k as low for the content you would be tanking with us with your seldom used dps spec probably being less geared. i'm sorry but i have an off server dk tank looking for the same spot with better gear and already a part of this community in another division, which does carry some weight. best of luck to you.

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