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    by D. J. Loper (a.k.a. Tyloric)
    Written for the Love Challenge on LJ.​

    “Hey, Casey?†Chuck slurred.

    “What, Bartowski?†Casey growled, shifting the smaller man so the arm that was supporting the majority of Chuck’s weight wouldn’t fall asleep.

    Chuck tittered, “I love ya.â€

    Casey sighed, “You’ve been drugged.â€

    “Love love love you~†Chuck sang drunkenly.

    “Oh, shut up.†The NSA agent snapped, fumbling with the keys to his apartment.

    “What are we doing here~? My place is over there~,†the nerd waved his free arm wildly in the other direction.

    “If you think me taking you home to Ellie is this condition is something I feel like dealing with right now, you’re out of your mind.â€

    Chuck’s frown was genuine. “But she’s gonna worry!â€

    “I’ll just get Sarah to call her and tell her that you went out and got tanked and are sleeping at her place.†Casey explained as patiently as he was able, pushing the door to the apartment open.

    Chuck’s brow furrowed, confused. “But we’re at your place.â€

    “Yes, we are.â€

    “But you jus’ said-“

    “Bartowski.†Casey’s voice was low, even, and full of contempt.

    “Hmm~?†Chuck asked him, grinning like an idiot.

    “Shut. Up.â€

    Chuck laughed loudly, “’kay!†Casey just groaned, moving them both over to the couch to lay Chuck down.

    “Do you remember anything at all?†He groaned.

    “Needle in the neck!†Chuck laughed again.

    “Okay, do you know what they gave you?†‘Be patient, John. Be patient,’ he thought impatiently.

    “’Gonna give ya somethin’ to lossen ya up, boy.’†Chuck said, imitating the voice of who ever had said it.

    “Did you see who it was?â€

    He just smiled ear to ear, “You’ve got really pretty eyes, Casey.â€

    “Oh, for the love of—“

    “And your muscles are nice too.â€

    “Would you stop complimenting me? It’s downright unsettling.â€

    Chuck puckered up his lips and started making kissing noises. Casey groaned and left he living room, heading for the bathroom to get a damp wash cloth. When he returned he found Chuck dozing, struggling to stay awake where he lay.

    The agent sighed sympathetically. “What’d they do to you, Bartowski?†he mumbled to himself.

    Casey found himself going over the things Chuck had said to him, about how he ‘loved’ him. He pushed the thoughts away, not needing the stress of what said thoughts would imply.

    Plus, there was no way Chuck had meant any of it.

    Was there?

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