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    Jan 24, 2013
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    WoW (NA) (Sargeras)
    Character Name
    What is your class?
    What is your main spec?
    Please link your WoW Armory informationExplain your talent selection (theorycrafting source, specialization choices etc)
    big on noxxic.com's dps breakdown on the specs, because it's accurate, but nothing else is good. I chose the basic huge healing cooldowns instead of the smaller duration heals because I like to be able to stay alive over like 30 seconds that are crucial. I don't die to stupid shit, but yeah. The 90 tier is quite literally your own choice and the sacrifice is just the best dps +++
    What is your age?
    17, turning 18 literally in 2 months today.
    What are your current professions and their raid benefit?
    tailoring and inscription. tailoring gives free leg enchants to clothies and an amazing clock enchant for a 2k int proc, and extra enchants from inscription
    How long have you been playing WoW and what PvE progression accomplishments have you made?
    since february 2008, and not much except firelord and dragonslayer/SoA
    Describe how you theorycraft your class (websites, spreadsheets, etc)
    There isn't really a theorycrafting homebase for warlocks (or not at least a good source i've found) there i just reforge and test on dummies and if it's promising i queue LFR and run logs analysis
    Occupation and living arrangements that impact raiding (family, schedule, etc)
    high school, choir concerts and musical, that's about it.
    List scheduling conflicts (include times for possible weekend 10mans)
    i might be a few minutes late a few nights due to me not getting out until like 7:50 EST(6:50 ST) but that shouldn't be much of a problem (THANKS, TRASH!)
    Guild History - where are you leaving and why
    i've been in shit pvp guilds, and need a change of scenery to a hardcore pve.
    How did you hear about us? List any friends/references within the guild
    peppershaker impressed me at brawlers and i became interested.
    List your raid consumables and your method for maximizing them
    potion of the jade serpent always double potting
    flask of the warm sun always up
    mogu fish stew 300 int food always up
    Provide your raid damage/healing performance. Examples are Recount Screenshot with personal breakdown of attacks, WoW Web Stats (WWS), or World of Logs
    i don't have logs at my disposal, but there are current ones on logs that i can't find >_>
    Provide a screenshot of your UI.
    Can you take constructive criticism and being call out on mistakes (both in and out of raid)?
    Final comments you feel could help your application
    I really do enjoy raiding and excel at it, while leaving others behind in the dust. GET AT ME!:D
    Have you applied to the WoW usergroup?
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    Thanks for the app. We will be discussing it and should hopefully have an answer for you sometime next week.
  3. rainofcats

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    ThankThanks so much, hope to talk soonm!