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  1. Pavel

    1. What is your name? Brian

    2. Your focus (PvE or PvP)? PvP

    3. Why are you interested in joining this guild? you guys seem to have it together and you must being involved with so many games.

    4. Do you have any past experience with Xen of Onslaught?
    --- If yes please state where, when and why? No

    5. How old you are ? 27

    6. Have any past experiences with MMOs? If so please give us the details. Been playing them since 01. Started with EQ and ended with Lotro. Played Daoc and Wow, Eve and a few others. Looking forward to playing Darkfall. Enjoying Spellborn atm though.

    7. What is your in game name for Chronicles? Pavel

    8. What is your character class? Rogue

    9. Are you willing to help those members of the house and fellow guild members whenever you can? Of course

    10. What has you most interested about The Chronicles of Spellborn? Its not turn based combat
  2. Jeb

    Jun 21, 2008
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    sorry Pavel, but it looks like our CoS group is MIA...

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