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    A Time of Disbelief

    The day began like normal
    The sun was bright and high,
    But by the time of evening
    Gloom had settled in the sky.

    The rain began to fall,
    The lightning grew real bright,
    The thunder shook the house around me;
    Yet still I felt no fright.

    The lights flickered out in grief,
    And the freight train was soon heard.
    "Get in your room!" my mother yelled.
    Panic told me, "Do so and do not say a word."

    My father shut off the stove,
    And on his way back in my room;
    Broken glass followed him
    And we knew of the doom.

    The crawl space entry in my room
    Told me what I knew to be true:
    A tornado tearing up our home,
    Around which rubble blew.

    J.W., Audra, Kasey,
    Me, Jessica, and Bo
    Sat in my room crying
    Until no wind was left to blow.

    We made our way through the streets,
    And our hearts filled with sorrow.
    The sadness of that night
    Would feel much worse tomorrow.

    The darkness hid a lot of truth,
    Yet still revealed enough
    To show the town of Holly
    That it was really tough.

    The next day held no secrets,
    The sun showed all the grief
    The restoration process
    Began with disbelief.

    With half the town in splinters,
    The cleanup had begun.
    The community united
    To help all, not just one

    After the chaos of disaster,
    Hope of another day
    Brought a sense of normalcy
    That was well on its way.

    While lives have been forever changed,
    And paranoia is wide spread,
    Everybody looks toward tomorrow
    And always looks ahead.

    Hope you enjoy that. It really happened to me, first poem I've written like this. Mot are more my personality, this one wa to get over shock lol.

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