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  1. Thanks for the link. I have been looking forward to this game as well for the past few months. Although the combat system seems cool, I am just worried that the pace of the combat might be a little slow. Then again, in a huge firefight i suppose everything could balance out nicely.
  2. True, plus since it's just alpha who knows what will change. I'm all hyped atm because I just watched the latest SG movie dvd and enjoyed it. But honestly if a human char is stuck with p90s for weapons, I'm making a Jaffa. Those staves look wicked nice. :)
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  4. Heh more money I have to spend. I honestly want the special collectors edition that comes with the bobble head and lunchbox... but damn $$$
    But back to SG.. I hear the mini games for those who don't want to just shot stuff should be interesting. *shrug* I just can't see myself playing an Asgard...
  5. Have either of you read on how they are going to incorporate the Asgard race... They aren't the most physical species. I suppose they could use drones or something to help them keep up with the ranged weapons that other races use. I also hope that the mini games don't turn into more of a tedious chore rather than something fun and different.
  6. Ya the one vid I saw with an Asgard, he had like a floaty probe looking thing near him. I have no idea on teh mini games, hopefully it will work well with the game. :)
  7. Found some new vids.
    An X play vid that shows some more of the game.
    Playable races - Human, Asgard, Jaffa & Goa'uld. Design keeps looking really good to me.

    A vid on the UI and how customizable it is.
    The UI looks pretty good for something in pre alpha. I like what they're doing.

    This is looking more and more interesting as time goes by. Can't wait for a beta invite :p

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