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Discussion in 'Tech Talk' started by Ravnis, May 6, 2017.

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    Current setup:
    ASROCK z270 Gaming K4 moBo
    GeForce 1070
    Gskill PC 3200 4x4gb
    Intel i7 7700K
    Corsair H50 cpu cooler

    My PC has been getting a gauntlet of BSOD errors. I have had almost every hardware piece come up in them at this point. Sometimes after BSOD my pc goes into a rolling restart where the power starts for 2 seconds then cuts off then tries again. This will continue until I pull the power entirely. Afterwarss the only way to get it to post at alll is to clear cmos. I have tried flashing the BIOS to the newest version after the BIOS was freezing up while changing settings.

    I have reloaded windows 9 times now using Windows 7 oem cd.

    When I initially upgraded the PC is worked flawlessly for a few days until this all started.

    My only thought now is its either a bad stick of ram as that seems to be the most common BSOD or its the Motherboard itself.

    Any other opinions or options I should try?
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    What you already said, it is either a hardware issue on the motherboard or a bad memory. Both are extremely hard to diagnose due to how random they are, and because both those issues can make any other piece of hardware look like the culprit. I would lean towards the motherboard though, because the restart thing sounds like a short in the board somewhere.

    If possible, run the computer for a week or two outside of the case. Just stick all the parts on a desk and leave them laying out while you use the PC. If the problem still happens, you can rule out a short against the case itself and it is most likely a problem somewhere on the board itself. While the parts are outside, if the problem still happens then raise your memory voltage to 1.4v. That should give it enough extra voltage that if the problem is memory related that it may fix the issue temporarily (a couple months or so).