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    Application Template


    Warhammer Online Recruitment

    ~Membership Requirements~

    1. You must be atleast 18 years old.

    2. A working mic and Ventrilo.

    3. Destruction side only.

    4. "Regular" play will be required to maintain your membership.
    If you are planning on being gone for more than 2 weeks please contact your division leaders.


    Old members:

    Q. What XoO Divisions are you currently part of?


    List atleast 3 other members who can vouch for you.



    New Members:

    Q. How old are you?

    A. 21

    Q. What gaming experience do you have?

    A. daoc/ guild wars/ lil bit of wow / and war

    Q. What is the name / class / level of your character(s)?

    A. Lilshank / choppa/ 40/45

    Q. Do you have a mic?

    A. aye

    Q. Have you been part of any other guilds in WAR? If yes, what guild(s)?

    A. pvp, gro

    Q. Why do you want to join Xen?

    A. well from what ive seen u guys actually have people that play the game most of the guilds are dead so im searchin for a guild thats active

    Q. Do you have a referal?

    A. safrina

    Someone will get back to you once your application is looked over.
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