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  1. Lewka

    Q. How old are you?

    A. 20

    Q. What gaming experience do you have?

    A. Been playing since SWG came out so about 6 years

    Q. What is the name / class / level of your character(s)?

    A. Lewka- Chosen R40

    Q. Do you have a mic?

    A. Yes

    Q. Have you been part of any other guilds in WAR? If yes, what guild(s)?

    A. Feared- Dark Crag (order)/ The Warhost- Skull Throne then After World- Skull Throne (both Destro)

    Q. Why do you want to join Xen?

    A. After Skull Throne was merged with Badlands I transfered my toons over here but never played them. I came back to play Destro and need a guild that focuses on RvR with a bit of PvE.

    Q. Do you have a referal?

    A. discjockeyx
  2. mebard

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    sherrills ford North carolina
    sorry we didnt get ot you lastnight but please comtact us in game and we will get you taken care of thank you.

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