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Discussion in 'Denied Applications' started by Kytana, Sep 20, 2009.

  1. Kytana

    1. Age (18+ Requirement): 31

    2: Name (Forum & IGN): Kytana

    3: Class: Cleric

    4: Do you have vent and a mic?: Of course, always.

    5: Previous gaming experience: Where to start. I'll start with the first time I ever met XoO. That would be Planetside. I was the GM for another outfit that was allied with XoO during the Vanu days. From there a lot of FPS experience from BF2, BF2142, CoD4, etc. Most of my time was spent in WoW leading the same guild from Planetside through into WoW until last year. After about 7-8 years worth of leading, I finally stepped down and took a break from game management. I did try to much disappointment AoC and Warhammer. During my WoW days, I could be found raiding as a tank during the original Molten Core and Blackwing Lair days to later becoming a full time healer through MH, BT, SSC, etc. I greatly love healing during both raids and pvp.

    6: Why did you chose XoO / Why do you think you'll be a good fit:? I remember XoO as I said previously from Planetside and it was always a great pleasure playing with them. I believe some members of the original PS division, may still be around here. I would love to find out. :)

    7: What will you contribute to the guild / How will you improve our guild and be a valued member? As for what could I provide? A solid healer in both raiding and pvp that always enjoys providing and helping other guild members for it's the community of the game that makes the game.

    8: Do you have a referal?: I think Kyoji still plays with XoO but it's been a long time since I've spoken with him.

    9: A little bit about yourself: I'm a critical care registered nurse that spends long hours at the hospital working in an Intensive Care Unit and love to enjoy my days off not thinking about anything medical. :D

    10: Activity Level? (hrs/week - 30hrs min): Would admit that it would vary depending on my schedule but luckily with my job at the hospital I do get my schedule a month in advance.

    I know that I read that recruitment is closed and that I may be a little behind applying but when I was trying to figure out which east coast server I wanted to play on I found a post on Zikel that XoO would be there. I decided then that would be my server even if I don't join you guys and gals, it was always great fun playing with you guys on the same side.

    Can find me ingame under the name Kytana.

    Also, I am moving October 1st closer to the hospital so there might be a day or two downtime for me during that move but should be backup in no time.

    Thank you for your time and consideration.
  2. Jeb

    Jun 21, 2008
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    PRG in PS?
    Good group to play with if so :) I will vouch for her as a good person to play with ;) so don't hold it against her that she said Kyoji for a referal ;)

    You probably dont' remember me as I was CR4 when leading XoO in PS, but Wr3ck was our leader before that and I remember working with you during that time.
  3. The Cox

    Jun 24, 2008
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    Oh.. god.. Kyoji is your referral? Gag.. lol jk =D
  4. Kytana

    Yes, same Kytana of the PRG. I do remember you some but not as much as I remember Wr3ck and Kyoji. Like I said, always was a blast playing with XoO guys and gals. I had a few months back when I joined WoW again to see if you guys were still playing and transfer but didn't get back into the game hardcore like before since I had seen Aion on the horizon. ROFL so it seems like Kyoji is still going strong with his antics. ;)

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