Just some lyrics, cause I like to share ;]

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  1. Hathian

    As the title depicts, I am an aspiring word smith/lyricist/songwriter, etc.

    Here I am once again, staring down the road
    Not a penny to my name, and I'm going for broke
    Will I fall or will I fight; only time will tell
    But for now I'll say goodnight, cause the day has just been hell

    And I am - I am just a face without a name
    Kick me & trick me, hurts me all the same
    And I am- I am a song without a soul
    Listed up children, this young man's growing old.

    Here we are once again, begging on our knees
    Will you come and save me, oh god just save us please
    Will we live or will we die, only time will tell
    But for now we'll say goodnight, cause the week has just been hell

    And we are - we are tomorrow's left behind
    Thrown away, another day, but we don't really mind..
    Yeah we are - we are broken down and weak
    Got no strength left to crawl, but we'll stand up, don't you see?

    For we are - yeah, we are the bricks laid in the streets
    The broken homes, long left alone, the flowers and the trees
    We are - we are far more than you can know
    A driving force, straight on course, our power will be shown

    And there you are, once again, begging on your knees
    You can give but can you take it, now it's you who's begging "please"
    Will we fall or will be thrive, only time will tell
    But for now the world'll say goodnight, tomorrow we'll be well.

    Criticism is welcome, of course.

    And if you'd like to know what I write sounds like:

    The lyricist they have listed is Lexie's friend, though I did write Battle Scars.

    Anywho, tootles.

  2. Zeppelin

    Aug 1, 2009
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    I like it. The song on your myspace is pretty good as well, is that you playing guitar?

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