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    Played through good & evil and it really feels like they kind of tacked evil on since most of the cut scenes work better if your playing good. In general though the game works out the same way playing either side. The same people die and you get the same animated comic ending. The big difference is in the 15 optional good or evil side quests they are completely different so it is worth playing through twice. And the way the city ends up looking after the credits.

    The game gets a little repetitive but the combat is fun and fast but I don't really see any need to go through it a 3rd time and other then getting all the shards and drop points you can probably finish this on a rental fairly easy.

    There is also a chunk of main land on the map you can't get to which may be an indication of some dlc to come. The game also ends with hints to a sequel as well.

    8/10 maybe 10/10 if there is some good dlc to come.
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    Seems like it was going to be as repetitive as Wolverine with the combat.

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