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    Oct 11, 2019
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    How old are you?:
    Do you have a working mic?:
    Are you aware that we prefer you to be in comms (Discord/TS) while in game at the very least when doing guild activities? (Don’t have to be talking, can be on mute)::
    I was not aware but i'm cool with being in discord all the time
    What experiences do you have with being part of a guild/team in MMO games/online games in general?:
    I've done group PvP in BDO and Bless I've played a lot of MMO's but was generally the solo loner type until BDO
    What experiences do you have within Archeage if any? Been apart of any large achievements?:
    I was busy when AA first launched so i only played it casually trying to be more hardcore in AAU
    Are you aware that as a guild, on launch we will be playing as a guild and doing things for the guild to get ahead of our competitors and make OUR guild members life easier in the long run?:
    I was not aware but that's cool if it helps everyone down the line
    Are you a lone wolf player or team player? explain::
    i was a loner mostly cause i was shy but in the last few years i've become a lot more of a team player
    Do you have any idea on what class/professions you would like to play?:
    Any Mage or Melee spec i can do archer as well but i hear it's not that strong
    basically anything but healer
    How many hours will you be able to play per week, knowing that we ask for at least 20-ish hours a week (unless you have personal reasons. We aren't satans here we understand you have a life…..maybe?):
    i can play a lot on some days and not a lot on others but i think i can manage around 20 hours a week
    What time zone / time do you tend to play?:
    Where did you hear about XOO? Discord/Forums/Person (whom?):
    Discord and Reddit guild recruitment for AAU
    Why would you like to join Xen of Onslaught?:
    You guys seem like a really strong guild with people who know what they're doing and i'd like to be a part of that
    Have you applied to join the USER GROUP?:
    Join the discord here:

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    Accepted and on Probation.

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