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Discussion in 'Denied Applications' started by HomSupLo, Oct 3, 2009.

  1. HomSupLo

    Age (18+ Requirement): 21
    Name (IGN): HomSupLo
    Class: Chanter
    Level (lvl 20+ requirement): 29
    Do you have vent and a mic?: Yes, Yes
    Previous gaming experience: Lineage 2, Eve Online, Wow, CS, CSS, TF2, L4d
    Why did you choose XoO / Why do you think you'll be a good fit? Looking for a good legion to play with.. RIP doesnt suit me well
    What will you contribute to the guild / How will you improve our guild and be a valued member? Activity, PvP, Friendly conversation.
    Do you have a referal?: None.
    A little bit about yourself: Im a little slow about thinking about stuff (jsut a heads up) but i enjoy PvP and grinding in groups all the same. i origionally joined with friends however after breaking up into different severs im now loking for a good legion to join. Origionally from RIP. i found that this legion has several Ass Holes and maturuty seems to be at a minumum for most of them.. not a legion im enjoying being with so theyre not worth my time.
    Activity Level? (hrs/week - 30hrs min): 40+
    Apply to usergroup: Done.
  2. HomSupLo

    Thanks for your time! ill be waiting :)
  3. Kyoji
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    Indiana, U.S.
    keep this updated with your current level
  4. HomSupLo

    will do.. had some homework and my birthday this lasty weekend so didnt get to play much.. currently 29.8 about to be 30... prolly be 31-32 by end of tomorrow (tuesday)
  5. HomSupLo

    Got to 31 Yesterday.. Might be probably 32 by today.
  6. HomSupLo

    Almost 32. prolly will make it there tonight. just wondering if there were any XOO events going on as far as group activities go.. perhaps rifting or PvP i can join in on.
  7. HomSupLo

    helo.. had a lot of testing this week and other stuff.. got lvl 32.. be lvl 33 soon!
  8. HomSupLo

    thank you. leveling has really slowed down.. ground for a few hours yesterday.. almost 33.. ill see if theres anyhtring available in herion.
  9. HomSupLo

    33 now.. its taking me a while to lvl now.. ive decidecd to work on aether gathering and crafting the last few days.. runing out of kinah ya know...

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