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  1. Grendal

    Aug 31, 2009
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    Age (18+ Requirement): 32

    Name (Forum & IGN): GR3NDAL / Concrete

    Class: Ranger / Guild Alts

    Do you have vent and a mic?: Yes with vent and teamspeak

    Previous gaming experience:
    I am experience in most popular games that have been released in the past 15 years. Asheron’s Call Darktide PVP was by far my favorite. I maxed characters in DAoC, AC, AC2, WOW and Warhammer Online. Additionally, I played the COD and TF series heavily, all Blizzard RTS titles and every C&C series. My favorite guild was Blood from AC, but I historically have played these games with real life friends until recently, as they have been able to do less gaming. I am an avid vent user and understand how clans and communication operate in the heat of battle/matches.

    Why did you chose XoO / Why do you think you'll be a good fit:?
    I played against XEN all through Warhammer Online, liked the organization and peak play times. I also continue to play multiple games over the past 15 years that has made me interested in Guilds that span multiple MMOs and other online games. More important than AION, I want to find a group of players that I can stick with across different games, not have to find a new group each time the ‘game of the year’ changes.

    What will you contribute to the guild / How will you improve our guild and be a valued member?
    I contribute maturity, experience and strong backup in the online environment. I am an avid forum hound from the workplace and always put in 20-40 hours per week in support, play and postings. I also donate for vent server use as since I have been the leader and payer before, I know these costs add up. Most importantly, I will contribute my friendship.

    Do you have a referal?: I do not.

    A little bit about yourself:
    I am a financial consultant for an international law firm in the Minneapolis area. At night, I am an MBA student at Carlson school of Management. The other 5.5 nights I am an online teammate. Warhammer’s endgame was fail and my friends left, so I am really looking forward to getting a good group and enjoying AION.

    Activity Level? (hrs/week): 25-40 hours per week depending on schedule, typically 35-40 with full weekend day sessions.

    Apply to usergroup: Doing this immediately after I submit.
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    Paramedic/Navy SEAL
    Welcome, Check PM

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