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    Hey guys, thought I'd stop by and say hi, also thought I'd stop by to see what you guys were all about :)

    Have a few questions about the guild if you don't mind :)
    1) What name of server for N/A are you guys thinking on going to?
    2) How much of a requirement is it for activity? (ex: timeframe. Basically how much a week to you expect hourly?)

    I figured I would post a little bit about myself here and from there possibly apply in your Aion NA forums soon :).

    I am 25 years old living in Ontario Canada. I am a Private Investigator for my city and province but I stick to local cases. Guess I will give you my game experience aswell :)

    My first MMO experience was with NCSofts very own Lineage 2. They came out with the closed and open beta and I was a part of it all up until chronicle 3, quit for a while and started back up in Chronicle 4. I can't remember exactly what levels I got to but I was multiboxing about 4 accounts at that time. The guilds I was a part of during my time were castle owners and one guild I was castle defense coordinator, basically letting people know where they should be at at all times, where to regroup to if they break barriers or where to push out to if we become strong and push them back.
    Coordination is key in any game, luring your opponent is a very big concept in Lineage 2 and I expect NCSoft to have implemented that in this game aswell seeing as its pvp based. So far I have seen everything from Lineage 2 in this game and thus treating it like Lineage 2 is a definate must! The difference in this (and its a big one) is the flying aspect. This will make us think alot more when doing PvP activities.

    My next MMO has to deal with WoW (obviously, lol!!). Was a class leader for tanking (I was a warrior decked in T6 gear, didn't stick around for wrath of the lich king tho, WoW turned into a chore real quick). If those who had questions about any certain skill combo's or tricks on how to do damage or keep aggro, I would help them out to the best of my ability.

    During my WoW experience I was a part of EVE online aswell. I was a mining coordinator for mining operations and setup specific people to come get materials for the corporation. It was a very boring job but for some reason I enjoyed it and stuck with it having one account as a miner and another account as a protection ship protecting the fleet from any enemy ships.

    I know I am missing EQ2, DND, Warhammer online. But those games I didn't quite like very much so I stopped playing after the free period was over, waste of money...

    For Aion I will be dual boxing 2 accounts, my main will be a Gladiator and my box will be a cleric. Probably won't be starting the Cleric right away but should start it relatively soon after the gladiator.

    Anyways, thats me in a nutshell. I will post up my system specs soon and see how it compares to you all :) Just upgraded the beast too so hopefully she runs very smoothly ^^

    Cheers guys!

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