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Discussion in 'Public General Chat' started by Gorjak, Apr 3, 2009.

  1. Gorjak

    Hi, I am looking for someone who represents Xen of Onslaught for some diplomatic negotiations. I am not here to make any threats, I am not here to cause problems, and after hearing me out if you're not interested I'll walk away in the other direction. I just want to ask a few questions (that you're willing to answer) and will answer any questions you have in turn with full honesty. If any one high up will give me the time to speak to you it'll be greatly appreciated.
  2. dash

    And how would we get in contact with you? I'll talk with you.
  3. Gorjak

    Send me a pm or message me in game. It's a little late for a message in game (I am off) but we can talk in pm and you can send my messages to the guild master if you'd like.

    I sent you a pm. Look forward to hearing from you! :D
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