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    How old are you?
    What is your in-game name?
    Belldandie Firstclass
    Do you have Teamspeak 3 and a working microphone?
    What are the top five games that influenced you most and a little bit as to why?
    I have played a lot of different MMOs such as Lineage 2, Wow, Eve, Aion, Tera.

    WoW was my first, It was fun doing quest and playing with friends but it got old

    Aion/Tera, Great games IMO but I didnt like there type of PVP and the RNG sucked too.

    EVE: was really massive I never got to end game I was a quester and a miner, Someone who make money by trading .

    Lineage 2: I go off and on this thing yearly. its the MMO that is my back up plan when all else fails.
    What kind of content do you prefer to PvP, PvE, or both (PvX)?
    What guilds have you played with and what roles did you have within the guild?
    Most of my guilds were small one nothing special.

    The biggest one I was in was in Aion, Legion was called XoXo we can NA first on killing a Raid boss. I am usually Healer role and done some officer roles.
    What brings you to XoO and why did you choose us?
    Well I choose you b/c my best friend IRL is in here and I would like to be apart questing and leveling with him.
    List some of the things that you think will make you an asset to XoO.
    Best healer you have ever seen, Also I have been told that I was god's gift to women.
    You are in a middle of a raid and the raid leader calls out a command you don't think will work out. Do you hesitate and contest, or do you listen anyways and speak your mind after the fact?
    After the fact, Raid are all about learning and how to beat it.
    A little bit about yourself? *Gaming history, habits, etc...*
    Been gaming since 05, as for habit dont have any that I know of. I just play the game and try to help out others.
    How many hours do you play per week, on average?
    Were you reffered to XoO? If so, enter the name of the person who referred you to XoO
    List the best times for your interview
    Currently a Expat in Afghanistan. If possible please email me a date and time.
    Have you applied to the FF XIV:ARR usergroup?
    Do you have a character already? If so please provide lodestone link to them.
    I have created one today and the site has not updated it.
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