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    Dear Friend,

    Thank you for signing up for Fallen Earth updates.

    As we start the New Year and ramp towards launch, we wanted to update you on an announcement that was recently released to the community and highlighted a number of Fallen Earth’s 2008 achievements.

    Fallen Earth’s development in 2008 began with restructuring the production method and achieving incremental milestones of feature and content complete this past fall. Production tweaks led to tighter deadlines and improved the creation of new towns. Since then, the team has been hard at work improving the player experience—adding an extensive tutorial, managing the Alpha sign-up process through the Fallen Earth Web site, and making changes to the UI while polishing content to prepare for launch later this year.

    In order to sign up for Fallen Earth Alpha testing, you’ll first need to set up a forum account. After signing up for a forum account, interested testers should complete the form at “Fallen Earth Testing†in the User CP portion of the forum navigation and will receive an Alpha key as they are released. We will continue adding new qualified testers as needed.

    Fallen Earth’s achievements, summarized in the forum announcement, demonstrate the content overhaul:

    75,000+ text strings
    Almost 5,500 missions
    6,000+ items
    14,000+ unique characters/creatures
    143,000+ in game objects
    70 towns
    600+ hours of content
    You’ve received this e-mail as a result of signing up for Fallen Earth updates in the past. Moving forward, if you would like to receive regular communication, you’ll need to make sure that you have a registered forum account (visit http://forums.fallenearth.com/fallenearth/register.php to sign up). If you already have a forum account, please make sure the contact information provided in your User CP is up to date and “Receive Email from Administrators†is checked in the “Messages & Notification†portion of your preferences.

    Thanks and we look forward to seeing you in-game!

    The Fallen Earth Team

    Fallen Earth is copyright © Fallen Earth, LLC
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    The game looks bad but I've been signed up for a bit.

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