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    Hail to All!... I trust I find All well;

    I am taking the liberty of posting this to show what kind of company makes a MMOG like EVE Online. Every year, CCP (EVE's parent and independant developer) holds a FanFest, where Players of EVE Online can come to Iceland (where CCP is HQ'ed) and receive presentations and give feedback on the status of EVE Online as a online game. The following link goes to the Ten Ton Hammer Website where there is a ~50 minute video clip shown. The presenter is the person who designed and monitors the economy of EVE... who also happens to have a PhD in Economics and teaches at the local University. For those who do not know, CCP publishes a 'state of the EVE economy' every quarter. The model for the EVE economy is based on pure capitalism and mostly run by the Players themselves, with little intervention by the CCP development staff. I guess we can all imagine the fun this Professor is having with his little experiment called EVE Online [grins].

    For those who do not know, "Unholy Rage" was when CCP banned ~18k accounts for farming of resources or money for illegal purposes back in June-July09.

    EVE's Economics and "Unholy Rage" Video

    Enjoy, if you will;

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