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    drakensang its a CRPG based on the german PnP rules known as darke auge or the dark eye.
    it was in the market for about 1 year in germany and polonia ("CD project" rules).
    And it was released in english last month.

    if you like games like NWN2, KoToR, BG. and older games. You shoud try it.

    Its a party based game, with up to 3 more companions.

    Nice story (nothing special but gets the job done)

    good implementation of the PnP rules.

    Nice graphics (this is a 1 year old game) but i think its with par with games like NWN2.

    the voice acting its BG2 stile, they say hi and the like and then read the rest.

    the game its realy slow paced witch i like.:D

    a solid 8.0. a good game, to pass the time.

    any questions let me know!
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