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  1. 1. Character Name, Class, and Main Spec: Happyslappy, Death Knight, Frost DPS. Raider.

    2. Armory Link: (and explain how you chose your spec):
    I chose frost dps over blood because not onlly does it benefit me dps-wise, but it helps out all the other melee dps in the raid too.

    3. List raid helpful professions: im currently leveling Blacksmithing/Mining but i'm thinking about dropping mining and picking up Jewelcrafting instead.

    4. Time playing WoW and PvE progression: I've been playing WoW for about 4 1/2 years now. I didnt really start raiding untill BC came out because i was never in a raiding guild in vanilla WoW. In WoTL i have done all content except for most of uld 25, some of uld 10, ToGC 10 and 25.

    5. PvP influences and impact on raiding: When i first started playing WoW, PvP was the main thing i did. But as the x-packs started comming out i started to get less interested in PvP and more interested in raiding because i found a good guild that was able to progress to SSC and The Eye.

    6. Age (18 is required with limited exceptions): Turned 19 on October 2nd! :cake1:

    7. Occupation and living arrangements that impact raiding(family, classes, dorm, night shifts etc): I'm in college on the weekdays but my classes let out by 3:15 CT. I also work at 6 Flags on the weekends and my hours vary there.

    8. Guild you are leaving and why: (If you join another guild without following up here, application will be closed): xLR, it's a very good guild for starting out with the raid content but the progression isn't where i want it to be.

    9. How did you hear about us? List any friends/references within the guild: I saw an advertisement that XoO was recruiting DK dps and tanks.

    10. List consumables you bring to raid: None atm leveling cooking and fishing sucks :/

    11. Scheduling conflicts not addressed in Q7: Im the drummer for a local band and sometimes we'll have practices during the weekdays. Also every now and then we have gigs at local music venues.

    12. Provide measure of your damage/healing such as Recount (Screenshot to include player breakdown of attack %'s), WoW Web Stats (WWS), or World of Logs listing: Currently im doing 4k dps in 10m raids and higher in 25m raids.

    13. Provide a UI screenshot from raid combat:
    This isn't the most recent screenshot of my dps, damage, etc. but its the only one i could find. My gear wasn't as good at the time and my spec was different then.

    14. Final comments you feel could help your application: I know XoO is a good raiding guild and is good at progressing. It would be really cool to be a member of it. but if not then thanks for the chance and best of luck!
  2. Lime

    May 4, 2009
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    Your professions are low, not raid ready.

    I cannot see your UI, apparently I need some type of access, can you post a different link.
  3. Swiftzz

    Aug 17, 2009
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    Gear looks pretty good. Professions need to be leveled. I would recommend going the superior 16/0/55 Unholy spec that is the currently best spec for ToC/ToGC especially since you already have the 2 piece tier 9 bonus. Also try and get to 4 piece tier 9 as fast as possible since the bonus is amazing for dk's. You need more expertise so the Tier 9 Helm would probably be the best for you to get next. The blue trinket you have should be replaced with a Greatness Card since it still in 2nd BIS behind Death's Choice. Absolutely drop mining for JC when you finish leveling Blacksmith. Blacksmithing/JC are the best professions for DK's because of the extra strength
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  4. Norefund

    May 15, 2009
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    You can use some better trinkets for sure. You need to focus on those professions asap. We have a frost dk atm, and as far as I know, no 2h dk's, so switching to blood or unholy would help your case. What 2h weapon do you have? You are under expertise cap, so blood would probably be better for now until you reach the cap.
  5. Neptuno

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    lack of followup on raiders' questions and your app is incomplete. 4k dps is lower than we would like to recruit as many of our members strongly desire we transition out of ulduar (which i believe the half answered "progression" question indicates you've not done much at all in)

    also, "i bring no food cause i can't cook or fish" is about as epic fail as "i don't flask cause im not an alchemist"

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