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  1. Texonater

    Hi all! Been playing with many of you, especially Leciv for a while now. Finally ready to apply.

    1. How old are you?

    2. What gaming experience do you have?/How often will you play during a week
    .. Naturally an RTS player I have played FPS often as well...
    -Was a clan leader for a CS:S clan that played CAL O. (2 have gone on to play and often place in tournements with their new clans in tourneys on the east coast). Managed the Server and website for the team.
    -Ranked in the top 1000 for C&C Generals (essentially top 10% of players for that game).
    -Was a Guild Leader for Guild Wars. Our team often competed in GVG's. Never won in the hall though. Managed the website for the team.
    -I've attended a few random lans and gaming conventions.

    During the week I play as often as I can. During busy weeks, maby not much. all depends on how much work I have to do (I'm a corporate salesman, so 9-5 does not exist)

    3. Do you have a mic?
    Yes --->

    4. Are you willing to user Ventrillio?
    Indeed. Teamspeak as well.

    5. Why do you want to join XoO/Why do you feel you'll be a good fit?
    I like the players. Seems like they like me as well.

    6. What will you contribute to the guild? How will you improve our guild and be a valued member?
    Experience with this game, strats and tactics planning, Server management, website management, etc.

    7. What are you good at? What builds/professions do you usually play? What weaknesses do you find yourself having?
    I prefer to play: OAK (Pent/Shield/Faith)
    I can also play well with: Sedna (priest exploit), UB (ooze), QOT (assassin), Erebus (bite/mist/swarm/charm)
    Of note, I now often play Random General.

    8. Country? US, Near NYC (East Coast)

    9. Timezone? (GMT+/-) Normal Play-times? (e.g. M-F, weekends, etc)
    EST. normally 6-11 playtime.

    Looking forward to more battles with the team, and winning some tourneys once GPG/Stardock puts them together.
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    May 17, 2009
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    Ah you managed to get over here and post some stuff. Well check your inbox.

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