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  1. 1. How old are you? 28
    2. What gaming experience do you have? I've played games since the C64. FPS are my main love, but I've played MMOs too. I'm active in Left 4 Dead a lot.
    3. Do you have a mic? Yes
    4. Are you willing to user Ventrillio? Yes
    5. Why do you want to join XoO/Why do you feel you'll be a good fit? I'm looking for a set of good people to play and learn Demigod with. Whilst I would have trouble committing to regular constant practice (see below) I am a mature person, always calm and collected, and I enjoy discussing and theorizing about games almost as much as playing them.
    6. What will you contribute to the guild? How will you improve our guild and be a valued member? I have had plenty of experience in being an officer and founder/leader of raiding guilds in MMOs, as well as a team member on competitive FPS games. I've run forums and websites and like to think that I'm friendly, affable and helpful.
    7. What are you good at? What builds/professions do you usually play? What weaknesses do you find yourself having? I am good at crunching numbers. If anything, I'm impetuous and occasionally kick myself for taking a risk that backfires - never good in Demigod. My current favourite is Regulus with Angelic Fury/Maim/Scope, then later Mark of the Betrayer and +stats, or Queen of Thorns. But I will play anything (need a lot more practice with Torch Bearer though.)
    8. Country? UK
    9. Timezone? (GMT+/-) GMT
    10. Normal Play-times? (e.g. M-F, weekends, etc) The nature of my job is that sometimes I have incredibly heavy workloads and don't get to play. Other times I can play a lot. GMT evenings are my general time.

    I posted this on the official Stardock forums and OrleansKnight offered me a trial if I went on Ventrilo, however I haven't yet been able to get hold of him on the ingame communication thing (Impulse Friends is terrible). So I'm reposting here.

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