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Discussion in 'Denied Applications' started by insane, Aug 18, 2009.

  1. insane

    How old are you? (16)
    What gaming experience do you have?/How often will you play during a week(I play counter strike source competitively. I also play warhammer online and played WoW for about 2 months. I am always playing something but counter strike and WaR are the only games i have gone far with.)
    Do you have a mic?(Yes)
    Are you willing to user Ventrillio?(Yes)
    Why do you want to join XoO/Why do you feel you'll be a good fit? (I want to join XoO cause I hate playing games with people who dont know what there doing and just complain. I love coordination and teamwork and just talking to someone that is playing with you increases the game experience dramtically. I will fit into this guild cause I can fit any roll that you need without complaining and play it fairly well once I get a good handle on the game)
    What will you contribute to the guild? How will you improve our guild and be a valued member? (im going to improve this guild cause whenever I join a guild a couple of my friends usually follow me so more members will join, im a laid back guy so I wont cause any problems and I wil try and help people to my fullest extend whenever I can.)
    What are you good at? What builds/professions do you usually play? What weaknesses do you find yourself having? When I play online I like to play support classes. (In warhammer online I play a shaman, but whenever needed I can play a assassin class, the only weakness I have right now i would say is that im new to this game so dont know much but with a good team like this I will be a very fast learner and will listen to people)
    Country? United States
    Timezone? (GMT+/-) Central
    Normal Play-times? (e.g. M-F, weekends, etc) I play everday M-F is around 4 to 10 I will get on randomly and with the weekends there is no telling, my work schedual changes everyday but I still play the computer everyday)

    Im a new player to demigod and I just want to hang out with a couple of cool people so I can talk to them and learn something about this game im not some asshat who is really annoying like I said im a laid back guy and I just hate playing with people where I have no clue on how good they are.
  2. pendrix

    May 17, 2009
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    Well currently admission to XoO is limited to 18+. I apologize and thank you for your time and interest at this time. Sorry for the tardiness, it seems this forum is seeing much more action of late and I just breeze over last topic response usually.

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