Daakpunk, Paladin, Retribution

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  1. Daakpunk

    Daakpunk, Paladin, Retribution.
    Applying for position: Raider
    Armory Link:
    1. Talent Spec (List any dual specs or explain situational talent picks):

    0/10/61 Is my raiding spec as Ret:

    My Off spec is holy 51/5/15:

    Currently the only geared spec I have is ret pally, I'm working on gearing up holy or prot whenever things or offspec and intend to play both.

    2. Professions and how they help your raid performance:

    Currently I have 400 BS and plan to level JC up in the near future. BS gives me two extra sockets(one to hand, one to bracers.) I believe these two combined are optimal for PVE.

    3. Time played in WoW and PvE accomplishments/progression:

    My /played time total is 18 days and 7 days at level 80. Me and my girlfriend did Recruit a friend to level because I thought it was the best way. Even though my played time may not be high on WoW, I believe that I have a grasp on most concepts from playing several other MMOs for long periods of time.

    4. PvP influences and impact on raiding:

    As far as PVP goes I've had very little experience, world PVP and sometimes 2s skirmishes with friends. PVP is one of the aspects about the game that I would like to be more involved in aswell as endgame.

    5. Age (18 is required with limited exceptions):

    19, birthday on March 3.

    6. Location and living arrangement (wife, children, dorm, etc):

    Currently I live in an apartment by myself and I work from home.

    7. Occupation outside of WoW and any scheduling issues it creates:

    Work from home, will make all raids.

    8. Your old/current guild and why you are leaving them (Include old guild's name or we could think you've joined them and dismiss your app):

    I've never really been in a "Raiding guild" as anything more than a casual. For the most part I've just followed my friends around and been in their guild as a casual (Van/aetius/Azric/Aeroform before he quit.)

    9. How did you hear about Xen; list any references within the guild:

    Asuraka, Azric.

    10. List consumables you carry to raid to include food when a fish feast isn't provided:

    Flask of endless rage, Honeymint tea for mana regen incase there is no mage table.

    11. What conflicts do you have with our raid schedule listed above?

    No conflicts.

    12. Submit a damage/healing meter such as Recount (Screenshot to include player breakdown of attack %'s),WoW Web Stats (WWS), or World of Logs listing. (If one is not available, explain why):

    I don't have any pictures due to the fact I've never thought to take one of DPS in a raid. My DPS isn't amazing, but in my opinion its not horrible either due to the fact that my gear is mostly from badges. I know my rotation and have read up on ways on how to maximize my DPS.

    13. Provide a UI screenshot inside a raid (If one is not available, explain why):

    I don't have any pictures due to the fact I've never actually taken one in a raid. The addons I currently use are PallyPower and recount, I plan to get grid in the near future but for ret I haven't found a great need for it yet.

    14. Final comments you feel could help your application:

    Up until about a week and a half ago I had quit WoW for quite some time to play a different MMO (FFXI.) Lately I've lost interest in it and as more of my friends bug me to come back to WoW I figured I'd give it a shot and have really enjoyed it so far. I play a lot and will always be willing to help or raid. I've done almost all the current raids, excluding Ulduar 25 and ToC 25. Most of these were done in PUGs. I'd like to think of myself as a fairly competent gamer and that I catch on fairly quickly.

    Thanks for taking the time to read/consider my app~
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