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    Crowfall Update for April: Beheading!
    Posted by ArtCraft Entertainment, Inc. (Creator)
    Crowfall® has reached another milestone with the of roll-out of Pre-Alpha 5.5 to the 24/7 LIVE environment. Exploration was our focus for this update, which we introduced in a variety of ways including adventure parcels, a spider queen and BEHEADING (!) as a feature in the revised Death & Recovery system.

    But wait, there’s more! The Vendor system has also been added, setting the foundation for the game’s economic loop.

    Read on for more of the latest news in the world of Crowfall!


    Test Environment: LIVE - available 24/7
    Current test phase: Pre-Alpha 5.5
    Current test groups: Pre-Alpha 1 - Beta 3
    Early access packages are available in the Crowfall Store


    UNCONSCIOUSNESS, RESURRECTION, & BEHEADING - We've introduced some exciting updates to the systems surrounding death in Crowfall! Find out more about what happens when you fall unconscious, how you can resurrect your friends and why beheading your enemies is tactical and fun.

    DIGGING UP NECROMANCY UPDATES - The Necromancy Crafting system is now fully functional! Dig up body parts, restore them with alchemical solutions and combine them into new vessels for Crows to inhabit.

    AN INTRODUCTION TO VENDORS - Designer Valerie Kromas gives a brief overview of the upcoming vendors system that will give players the ability to set up vendor stalls in their Eternal Kingdoms, place items and equipment into them and sell these wares to other players for gold. Watch our website for more information about creating your mogul empire in Crowfall.

    There are Crowfall news updates every Tuesday and Thursday. Bookmark our website so you can stay in the know!


    ACE Q&A FOR MARCH: TYING IT TOGETHER - Design Lead Thomas Blair and Senior Designer Mark Halash get down into the nitty-gritty of various systems, including breaking down mitigation caps, discussing future recipes, and detailing how various systems will begin to tie into each other as more things come online.


    LIVE WITH JON AND TODD: EXPLORING THE CASTLE - Creative Director J Todd Coleman joined Lead Environment Artist Jon O'Neal to show off the new modular systems involved in the castle buildings. Castles are craftable in-game with the use of harvestable resources and can be placed in your Eternal Kingdoms.


    PRE-ALPHA 5 LIVE! FOR MARCH - Game Designers Thomas Blair and Mark Halash returned to their regularly scheduled Pre-Alpha 5 Live! with Patch Notes from the Near Future. They discussed the most recent bug-fixes and additions to the 5.5 build, which some players are already testing in the TEST environment. They left some extra time for Q&A from the viewing audience.


    CROWFALL Q&A LIVE FOR MARCH: NPC BRAINS - Crowfall has an aspiring medley of creatures in the world. Each type of creature needs its own brain, a set of instructions on how it should act and react. Designers Blair and Halash took us behind-the-scenes for a look at just how NPC brains are created.


    Follow Crowfallgame on Twitch to receive alerts when we'relive or hosting one of the many Crowfall streamers.

    Our streaming schedule for April is:
    - April 10, 11 am CST: Pre-Alpha 5 Live!
    - April 17, 11 am CST: Crowfall Q&A Live!


    SHOWCASE YOUR GUILD - There's safety in numbers, and the most successful Campaigns will be fought by bands of comrades who support one another. To celebrate the guilds themselves we’ll soon be launching the Guild Showcase section of our website, and we need your submissions!


    DESCENT UNDERGROUND: Fight through twisting tunnels and vast caverns where the concepts of up and down mean nothing and danger lurks around every corner. We’re blasting the original full-freedom shooter Descent into the 21st Century with next-generation gaming technology built on Unreal Engine 4!


    In the coming weeks, we'll be working to address issues in 5.5 reported by playtesters and laying the framework for 5.6 If it's been a while since you've explored the game, we highly encourage you to check it out, either by logging in, skimming the forums or watching some of the recent gameplay streams and videos.

    As always, thank you for your continued support!
    The Crowfall Team

    Flock with us!

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