Combat Arms Open Beta

Discussion in 'Public General Chat' started by Branded Wolf, Jul 4, 2008.

  1. This game isn't too shabby atm. I'm kinda liking it. Mind you it's a beta atm and it is free 2 play. So if you've played war rock, you have an idea of what it's like. But the graphics are better and the controls/shot placement seem better. As it is free 2 play, if you want different guns, smokes, etc. you have to buy them with in game money. They start u out with 9k, so you can really mess with the various goodies. They also have mods for the various weapons like extended clips, silencer, acogs, etc. Also you can personalize you outfit look by buying junk from the store. The clan system and in game friend/messaging system seem ok. I'm enjoying it so far, although the nades are meh compared to CoD4 nade physics.
    Also if you decide to give it a try.. there seem to be no iron sights?!! lol But putting a acog on it works fine and even without iron sights you can still get headshots. And getting xp to level and money isn't too hard I've noticed so far.
    So ya.. give it a try! :p

    In game name: Branded

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