CodeMasters annouces official closing of RF Online

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    Jun 24, 2008
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    CM has officially announced they will be shutting down RF Online for the US/Euro Servers as of Nov 9, 2008. Although this is sad news but it is something that was expected.

    XoO has been a main force within RF Online since Beta, We have made many accomplishments in this game and have stapled our name to alot of people from RFO. The time has come for a last hurrah, I will be organizing a last guild event some time by the end of October and try to get all our old members and new members together for a last day or week end of fun. Picture day will also be needed.

    Its has been great to be part of this game and doing so much with this great guild. XoO will always be Number 1 on ALL servers in RF Online.

    Will post an update of when we will be holding this last XoO-RFO event.

    Thank you everyone for your support and to all those friends i have met in RFO, I hope to see you in another game that XoO will be involved in.

    Much Love, Senrai
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