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  1. 1. What is your name? (First name only):Chris

    2. Your focus (PvE or PvP)?:pvP

    3. Why are you interested in joining this guild?: A buddy of mine joined it, rais.

    4. Do you have any past experience with Xen of Onslaught?
    --- If yes please state where, when and why?:Nope.

    5. How old you are ?:19

    6. Have any past experiences with MMOs? If so please give us the details.:A bunch of games. Wow, Last chaos, Lord of the Rings, and more.

    7. What is your in game name for Chronicles? :Ruthless.

    8. What is your character class: Warrior Arch type Wrath guard

    9. Are you willing to help those members of the house and fellow guild members whenever you can?: Yeap.

    10. What has you most interested about The Chronicles of Spellborn? The in depth PvP/Fighting system.
  2. Accepted

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