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  1. New Members:

    Q. How old are you?

    A. 19

    Q. What gaming experience do you have?

    A. I am good at battlefield bad company, halo 3, and I had a 70 rogue but quit wow, I raided past black temple.

    Q. What is the name / class / level of your character(s)?

    A. bearbond iceybuds choppa 40

    Q. Do you have a mic?

    A. no but I could get one

    Q. Have you been part of any other guilds in WAR? If yes, what guild(s)?

    A. I cant remember names but guild leaders are dilios, uglybubba

    Q. Why do you want to join Xen?

    A. why not?

    Q. Do you have a referal?

    A. No

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