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    To continue the thusly short-lived Priezt movie reviews...

    Chuck P's latest adaptation of book-to-film is no Fight Club. If you go in expecting that same caliber of cinematography and acting, you'll be sorely disappointed. The acting is not the same quality and it has a definite "art film" flair to both the casting and filming. Think low-budget and you'll be pleasantly surprised. Think blockbuster and you'll find it lacking.

    The film, like Fight Club, plays out almost line for line from the novel. The first person perspective allows for several points of contemplative voice over and a close-up peek at Victor's uniquely twisted take on the world. The story runs well throughout the beginning of the film, but fizzles into a somewhat hurried climax. Still, overall, an enjoyably dark detour from the fall's other gaggingly cute offerings.

    Warning: Palahniuk's things aren't for everyone. They're messed up, I mean, really messed up. Most of the characters are complete sociopaths. But, if you can get past the horror of the protagonist's life, you'll see a darkly comedic modern portrayal of the classic "everyman" that will make you rethink your own perceptions of normalcy.

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