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  1. 1. Age (18+ Requirement): 21

    2. Name (IGN): Caphrekiamaz

    3. Class: Spirit Master

    4. Level (lvl 20+ requirement): 36

    5. Do you have vent and a mic?: Yes

    6. Previous gaming experience:
    I am gonna go way back with this (as well as give the short version) but, in Star Wars Galaxies I had my own Player City and guild due to some well placed political decisions I made when I was, what?..., 13? or so. I was always pretty proud of that. I reached Jedi right before the CU hit and the eventual Jedi welfare program made me leave.

    Next was World of Warcraft which I played for 4 years until recently. Long history of guilds but I will just mention the most recent and pertinent ones. I was a member of Seriously Casual on the server Sargeras(US) which was the #1 ranked guild on Sargeras and I think #14 in the world? (something like that) My main was a hunter and my most geared alt was a warlock ( so pet micromanagement is one of my specialties which is why I rolled Spirit Master) Eventually after 6 80's and no more energy to reroll I ended up fading out of the WOW scene. (T.T)
    ***I played CM RFO Cora and Toasters and Knight Online for about a year each, I enjoyed them very much but it was very easy for me to be lured back to WoW after a while. I guess I really was addicted to WoW, haha!

    Since the mere obliteration of endgame content in world of warcraft left me rather bored, I returned to Warhammer Online (I played it when it launched and made two 40s before quitting) until about 2 months ago. I had 2 lvl 40s in Warhammer, and was an Sorcerer and eventual Bright Wizard class officer of the guild RUIN from Hochland and Dark Crag (the same one that is here - my reason for leaving them in AION will be mentioned after this section). The obliteration and eventual liquidation of enemies on Hochland due to our presence inevitably led to many quitting cause there was nothing to do. So in an effort to recoup the games past level of enjoyment we rerolled Order on Dark Crag but this time it was game mechanics and consistent hiccups that Mythic would run into that made me pull the plug on my subscription.
    Shortly after quitting Warhammer (for a second time) I downloaded and played Chinese AION client for couple months to get acquainted with quests and mechanics prior to launch. I fell in love with the spirit master class and would like to think I excel at it (also knowing the game is new to US and there is plenty more I can learn). It is an underplayed class and that is soon to change with the upcoming "pets and fly" patch.

    As for my previous Guild/Legion Activity: Ruinous Powers (aka Ruin Nation with over 2000 active guild members o_O fitting name) - I had great times with this group of people and I hate to leave especially with my veteran (officer) status. I built a lot of friendships in that guild that will last a long time. My departure comes down to pure game mechanics: In Warhammer, its a mass ORvR game, yes you can rvr in small warbands but numbers = win when it comes down to Sieging and that is exactly what Archaos successfully assembled (an army essentially, capable of fielding 8-10 warbands of players at a time with perfect obedience and cooperation as well as coordinate with other guilds. It was actually quite a sight to see how he was able to do that, haha) Ruin vent nowadays has a consistent 150+ active members in it, and I don't expect it to shrink come AION. That is precisely the reason I left, I don't feel AION is as much geared towards immense legions as much as a cooperative collection of legions. I miss how Ruin was before the mass guild expansionism, believe it or not, it was a 40 or so member guild which is what I prefer on a networking basis. So I researched the smaller ( and by smaller I mean more conventionally sized) legions in hopes of finding a new home and that is when I grew interest in XoO.

    7. Why did you choose XoO / Why do you think you'll be a good fit:?
    I was impressed with the level of professionalism mixed in the with down to earth feel that XoO portrays. I would like to say I am a down to earth fella, I am a "srs biznis" gamer but a chill dude to hang out with. I have extensive Officer experience in almost all MMOS I have played and from that I have learned when to apply appropriate behaviors to differing situations as well as a helping hand to others. I express maturity and politeness to people I meet at first but once I warm up I can be quite a goofball. I really feel that I would fit into what appears to be the warm XoO community.

    8. What will you contribute to the guild / How will you improve our guild and be a valued member?
    Recap, a) I am friendly and very helpful, b) I am knowledgeable of my skills and responsibilities as Spirit Master, c) extensive (successful) MMO experiences has contributed to my general gaming knowledge such as l2play well skills, working hard for what you want, and quick adaptation to new situations and experiences. d) I am a dedicated player, basically I am like super glue...once applied I stick for a long damn time, and I more than often become a valuable guild/legion asset.

    9. Do you have a referal?:
    Unfortunately I don't. I have been in contact and playing with members of XoO which is an integral reason behind my application however.

    10. A little bit about yourself:
    I am currently a student at UCSD in Mechanical engineering and a minor in mathemetics, so even though I may not seem like it, I am no lame cookie. Thanks fellas for your time and consideration.

    11. Activity Level? (hrs/week - 30hrs min):
    Hah, well too many atm...roughly 60+? I wasn't kidding.

    12. Apply to usergroup: Aion (US) Zickel Elyos
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