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    Hey guys,

    Got a big question with a big budget lady. Pretty much the other day her RAM slot died on her MOBO. After hearing what she had to say I recommended a new one. Yet with how things are lately her PC can take just about anything. What would you consider the best "top of the line" MOBO for this build?



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    I once killed a RAM channel on my CPU. You should test that in this case to, since if the CPU had a channel die the MB replacement wont matter. The way to test would be to take all but 1 RAM stick out of the computer and put it in the first slot next to the CPU. Try booting up the computer, if it works then that slot and channel is ok. Move the RAM stick to the next slot over and repeat until all slots have been tested. If only a single slot is dead then that one slot will not boot, if an actual channel is dead then both slots of either channel A or B will not boot.

    If 1 slot doesnt boot, then MB replacement will fix it. If both slots of one channel dont boot, the CPU must be replaced and MB is most likely fine.

    For a motherboard, you must dig through the memory QVL pages and find one that is compatible with that memory that is used. Memory compatibility is getting worse with each generation and to make sure 64GB worth of DDR-3200 works, you need it to be on the QVL. Honestly the easiest thing would be to simply buy another one of whatever she had before.

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