Bungie in development of new 'Halo'

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    Microsoft Confirms That Bungie Is Developing New ‘Halo’

    Here’s something to add to all the E3 drama this week about Bungie Studios‘ canceled/postponed/hyped debut of a new game…

    In an interview shot for MTV News on Tuesday, Microsoft’s head of Xbox business Don Mattrick, confirmed to me that Bungie is indeed working on a new “Halo” game of some sort for Microsoft.

    I had been asking Mattrick about the lack of “Halo” news at E3. He said that Microsoft’s Monday press conference was already loaded with content and so any announcements for that series weren’t needed to get gamers excited.

    I pushed him on the lack of presence for the series and asked him if we should be worried about the no-show of Ensemble Studio’s real-time-strategy game “Halo Wars.” Not only did Mattrick say not to worry and that announcements would be coming, he also said that Microsoft is working with Bungie on a “Halo” game.

    I asked for clarification, wondering if Mattrick meant Bungie’s project was “Halo Wars” or the long-announced Peter Jackson “Halo” project. Neither, Mattrick said. The Bungie game is something else.

    And then, not surprisingly, the topic was changed.

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    Although Bungie has consistently stated that Halo 3 was the last game in the trilogy, having ever ruled out possible Halo games in the same story line being released in the near future, an interview by MTV with Don Mattrick (Senior Vice President of Microsoft's Xbox division) revealed that Bungie's game is at the very least Halo-related, and that it is not Bungie's collaborative efforts on Halo Wars or Halo: Chronicles, but a "new" game. Although a proper announcement was meant for July 16th, 2008 at E3, it was canceled by Microsoft because they wanted to focus on games by First-Party developers that were coming out in 2008 - criteria which the Bungie project did not fit. It was also stated by Microsoft that they did not want to further lengthen their press conference so as not to stretch the attention span of the attendees, and that they wished to give the new Halo project an event of its own to release details on it.[1][2][3]. The project itself has not been canceled, only the announcement of it. Many people have rumored that the game is a tactical squad-based Halo game.[4] It is rumored that the game will be focusing on the ODSTs and Marines. On June 25, 2008 sarcasticgamer.com posted a news story about the upcoming game due next spring. Its name has jokingly been referred to as Halo: The Wonder Years. [5] It is also possible that this may be the PC version of Halo 3.

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