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    Character Name, Class, and Main Spec:
    Applying for position Raider or Friend:
    Armory Link:

    1. Talent Spec (List any dual specs or explain situational talent picks):


    I went this way for max crit. I do not have sac b/c paladins in my previous guild all had it, including the ret paladins. So they did not require me to have it.

    Dual spec: 0/15/56 Ret

    Just something I use to do dailies.

    2. Professions and how they help your raid performance:

    I am currently mining/jc, but I am going to switch to jc/blacksmithing. My alt dk is max mining so I can drop mining from my paladin and pick up blacksmithing for more sockets. I use jc to make jeweler gems and maximize my jewels.

    3. Time played in WoW and PvE achievements:

    I have been playing since beta as a hunter. When WotlK came out I tried out DK for a while (winterblight), and found that there were to many DKs. So I decided to level my paladin. My overall /played for all characters is around 275 days.

    Some achievements I have are: Cleared MC (lol), BWL, Ony, aq20/40, Naxx when it was t3. When BC came out I was in <Vampires>. We cleared kara first as well as had the first gruul kill. I killed mag, but I never stepped in Sunwell, BT or Coilfang. All that was done on my hunter. I got burnt out after Kara and stopped playing for a bit.

    Now my main is Bubbleosix. On him I have cleared naxx (lol again) done two drake OS, EoE, all heroics many times, 25 ulduar up to freya (didnt kill freya), 10 man up to general, 10 man xt hardmode, 2 towers on 10 and 25 man. Thats about it. <Impact> can not seem to do anymore.

    4. PvP influences and impact on raiding:

    I have been pvping since before AV came out. The constant wave of killing around Tm, if you were playing back then, you know what I am talking about. I PvPed a lot on my hunter, and slowly stopped pvping when it became a grind for HWL. I really haven't gotten back into it since.

    I am not sure what you mean "impact on raiding", but I assume you mean how pvp has impacted my raiding.

    Basically it helps you adjust to unforeseen abilities in the PvE environment or how to adapt quickly if something goes wrong. In other words it sharpens your reactions and your judgement about the current situation. I have noticed people who have only done PvE tend not to adapt quick enough to a bad situation while fighting a boss, and just panic.

    5. Age (18 is required with limited exceptions):


    6. Location and living arrangement (wife, children, dorm, etc):

    I live in a house with two other guys. I have my own room, no kids, no wife.

    7. Occupation outside of WoW and any scheduling issues it creates:

    I work as a lifeguard at Adventure Islands in Tampa bay Florida. Sometimes they have me come in at 6 in the morning, which usually means i have to leave the raid 30 minutes early to get enough sleep.

    8. Your old/current guild and why you are leaving them (Include old guild's name or we could think you've joined them and dismiss your app):

    My current guild is <Impact>. I am leaving them because of greedy officers and leadership is very bad. The guild is unorganized and most of the players are unskilled. In other words they can only go so far with the current set of players they have, and I know I can go further but they are holding me back.

    There have also been incidents where I have been shafted for an officers g/f.

    Also an incident where I couldn't raid one day so I missed it. So they brought in a PUG and kept him for the next raid day, sitting me. The Guild Leader's reasoning was "you didn't raid yesterday". So yea...

    9. How did you hear about Xen; list any references within the guild:

    Norefund (rl friend) used to be in it, limegreen is in it, and I know Bubbleoseven. He is my arch nemesis.

    10. List consumables you carry to raid to include food when a fish feast isn't provided:

    Flasks, and sp food from the AH.

    11. What conflicts do you have with our raid schedule listed above?

    None, as long as I don't have to go in at 6 for my job, but even then I leave a little bit early from the raid.

    12. Submit a damage/healing meter or WWS link. (If one is not available, explain why):

    I have never used WWS and never have been required to upload one until now. I am sorry that I can not provide one :-\.

    13. Provide a UI screenshot inside a raid (If one is not available, explain why):


    Sorry for the bad quality, facebook only allows so much. But the columns on the bottom right are all the classes organized vertically. They wont have the black backdrop, and the x-perl options wouldn't be up.

    I have it set in healer mode. I have their display by how much damage they have taken. Meaning when you are at full health the number on your green bar would read "0", where if you took 5000, damage it would read -5000/0. It helps me heal more effectively. I have pally power on the right and of course i have DBM. I also have recount so I can adjust my healing on the fly to more effectively heal.

    14. Final comments you feel could help your application:


    armory link.

    I am a dedicated player with a wealth of knowledge and raiding experience. I can learn a fight in one go, or if someone explained it to me, I could learn it then and there. I am dedicated to progression, but only if everyone around me is the same way. I do not enjoy trying to carry people through the current hardest raid encounter. I believe everyone should always go full blast and never slack.

    I am easy going but still believe in getting the task at hand done in the most effective way.

    My final thoughts are this. I think I would make a great addition to your guild. I am tired of being in <Impact> for the above stated reasons and their utter lack of progression due to the bad players that currently exists in the guild.

    I hope this wasn't to long of a read and hope to hear from you guys soon! P.s. I apologize again for not having a WWS report.
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    So when is Norefund going to quit Impact
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    i find the 2 points in prot a bit odd... i didn't notice when i was talking in game, but o_O is my reaction seeing them now. if you are called to do a resistance aura, having 1/3 conc aura is nice, and you could get the other bonus point in imp lay on hands as well or the blessed hands to provide a larger "bubble and absorb" CD for a tank

    http://www.wowarmory.com/character-talents.xml?r=Sargeras&n=Arizair&group=1 is mine... i mostly heal on general vezax, so i don't grab wisdom, but its another way of not spending talents in divinity that are imo wasted
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    Dude you live in Tampa? Florida Represent!! I'm in Orlando myself

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